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    Default FAQ - READ ME

    Q) What fragrances turn women on?

    A) This is an incredibly difficult, if not impossible, question to answer. People, regardless of gender, are incredibly complex, and applying blanket stereotypes and generalizations is simply not possible. With that said, here are some previous threads from Basenotes that touch on this controversial subject:

    Q) What fragrances turn men on?

    A) See above. Here is an informative thread on the matter:

    Q) How much fragrance should I apply?

    A) This is another subject that comes up often, but yields almost no definitive answers. People generally decide how much fragrance to wear based on their surroundings, personal preferences, and the type of fragrance they are wearing. For example, if you were to wear a heady oriental fragrance on a romantic date, then you probably don't want to wear too much. Another example, on the opposite end of the spectrum, would be a light, citrusy Eaux de Cologne on a hot summer day, which you could apply with near impunity. It should also be noted that two schools of thought have developed in regards to this issue; one group feels less is more, and the other feels more is more. You needn't be constrained to one of those groups, but it is helpful to know they exist. As for the question of where to apply fragrance, it is generally recommended to apply fragrance to your pulse points (Inner wrists, neck, etc). It is also usually recommended that you simply spray the fragrance and let it air dry. With that in mind, here are some previous threads from Basenotes that touch upon this subject:

    Q) How long until fragrances go bad? What is their shelf life? How does fragrance change with age?

    A) It is an accepted fact that splash bottles don't last nearly as long as their spray counterparts. Beyond that, however, the facts get blurry. Many magazines have rated the shelf life of fragrance to be as low as 2 years, while many Basenoters have reported shelf lives beyond a decade. Shelf life depends on many factors. The most important factor regarding shelf life is method of storage; a fragrance stored in a cool, dark place will survive much longer than a fragrance in a hot, bright place. Heat and light are a fragrances biggest enemy. Generally, as a fragrance ages, the top notes are the first things lost. Fragrance, unlike wine, does not peak and mature. Here are some good Basenotes threads regarding fragrance shelf life:

    Q) What is decanting? How do I decant a fragrance?

    A) Decanting is defined as pouring liquid from one container to another. When used in the context of fragrance, it generally refers to the process of transferring fragrance from a larger bottle into a smaller bottle or vial. The easiest way to decant from a splash bottle is to simply pour the content or use some sort of pipette. Decanting from a spray bottle is a little more difficult, but can be done by carefully aiming the atomizer and spraying into the bottle. That method gets a little tiresome, but is often the only method available. Here are some good threads on decanting:

    Q) How do I purchase decants?

    A) You can purchase decants from many places. A great resource for decants is Basenotes very own marketplace. Many Basenotes members cope with their ever growing collections by selling decants of fragrances they own. Another great resource for decants is eBay; eBay has a large selection of both designer and artisan fragrance decants. Here is a useful thread on the subject:

    Q) Can you recommend a fragrance for my girlfriend?

    A) This is another very complicated question. It's a question whose answer depends very heavily on your girlfriend’s personality and preferences. Asking this question without providing these details will yield, for the most part, a useless list of women’s fragrances. It is recommend that, when asking this question, you provide as much info as possible, so you can get useful and accurate responses. Here are some threads regarding this question:

    Q) I am new here. Can you recommend some good fragrances?

    A) See above. Here are some very useful threads that cover this very question:

    Q) What is the best fragrance?

    A) There is no best fragrance. If there were, there would be no Basenotes. Perfumery is as much an art form as it is an accessory. You will find everyone here has a different favorite fragrance, or “Holy Grail”. Don't let anyone’s love or preference dissuade you from finding your own “Holy Grail”. Fragrance is far too subjective.

    Q) Is fragrance X worth the price?

    A) Only you can decide that. This is where the rather subjective nature of fragrance can be a downside. Many people feel certain fragrances are overpriced and overrated, while many others extol and praise those very same fragrances. It is strongly recommended that you decide the worth of a fragrance by sampling it or purchasing a decant of it.

    Q) What is X fragrance like?

    A) The Basenotes Fragrance Directory is a wonderful resource in learning about specific fragrances. The directory is a massive database of fragrances, and it also contains user submitted reviews of fragrances. The directory can be found at Another indispensable resource regarding this question is the search function. This is perhaps the most useful resource when it comes to learning about a specific fragrance. It is a near certainty that the fragrance in question has been discussed on Basenotes before, and many times, you can get an answer to your question just by searching the forums. Here is a link to the search function:

    Q) Where can I buy fragrance X? What is a good eTailer? Is a good store?

    A) There is a section of Basenotes dedicated solely to shopping. Inside this section, you will find answers to most of your shopping related questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for in this section, feel free to post. Here is a link to the shopping sub-forum:

    Q) How do I use samples?

    A) There are actually a few different ways of applying fragrance from a sample vial. Here are some useful threads regarding the question:

    Q) Are Niche fragrances better than designer fragrances (or vice versa)?

    A) No. That is another very subjective topic where there is no definitive answer. The only way to find out which you prefer more is by trial. Each 'genre' has its merits. That is what makes this hobby so much fun, and so complicated.

    Q) Natural ingredients vs. Synthetic ingredients: Which is better?

    A) This is a very complicated question with no hard and fast answer. Almost all fragrances on the market contain some synthetic ingredients. Here are a couple threads that touch upon this controversial issue:

    Q) How do I train my nose?

    A) Here is an interesting thread regarding this question:

    Q) A few hours after I apply my fragrance, I can’t smell it anymore. What gives?

    A) Generally, this is caused by something called Olfactory Fatigue, and is completely normal. The brain tunes out persistent stimuli so that you aren't constantly distracted by it. It could also be that the fragrance you applied is very short lived, and has simply lived its life on the skin. Many Eau de Colognes and lighter fragrances live for only a few hours on the skin. Also, skin chemistry plays a large role in fragrance life span on the skin; people with dry skin have a difficult time getting fragrances to last on the skin. Here is an interesting thread covering this issue:

    Q) Is Eau de Toilette stronger than Cologne?

    A) Technically, yes. Here is a basic list of fragrance concentrations from strongest to weakest:
    Parfum > Eau de Parfum > Eau de Toilette > Eau de Cologne > Aftershave
    There are other concentrations, but those are the most common.

    Q) What is sillage? What fragrances have the best sillage?

    A) Sillage is a French term that describes the trail of fragrance left by its wearer. In essence, it is what other people smell when you walk by, or even stand near someone. Different fragrances produce different sillage. Skin chemistry also plays a role in sillage properties. Here are some threads where sillage is discussed:

    Q) How can I make my fragrance last longer?

    A) A fragrances longevity on the skin depends on many factors. Skin chemistry and fragrance type/concentration are perhaps the largest factors regarding longevity. It is not likely that a light citrus fragrance will last just as long as a rich, dense oriental on the skin. Skin chemistry plays a very large role in fragrance longevity, as well; a fragrance will generally last longer on a person with oily skin, as opposed to a person with dry skin. Here is an interesting thread regarding making a fragrance last longer:

    FAQ created by Liquid and IPaidForThisName

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    Default Re: FAQ

    yeah, but which scents DO chicks dig? ;D
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    Default Re: FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by IPaidForThisName
    FAQ created by Liquid and IPaidForThisName
    Excellent work. Thanks!

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    Default Re: FAQ

    Awesome work guys, I hope you keep adding to that list. Thumbs up!

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    Default Re: FAQ

    Nice resource! Replace the FAQ up top with the non-functioning links with this one?

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    Default Re: FAQ

    Wow! It must have been a quiet day at the office ;D Thanks very much


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    Default Re: FAQ

    Bravo gentlemen. This thread should be made into a sticky topic.

    Edit: It already is!

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    Default Re: FAQ

    Yup, but... :-/

    What's the scent that turns more heads?
    Which frag has the best sillage?
    How do you make your scent last longer?

    You guys never fail to amaze me!!! ;D

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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    What would you wear for a Klondike bar?
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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    This is GREAT, many thanks Julian and Liquid! [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]
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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    Nice work guys! This is excellent! Please add more as you see fit, like common foreign language translations ("what does 'apres rasage' mean?" kinda thing) and fragrance family info (what's a fougere? kinda thing)....lemme know if I can help in any way!


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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    Can this be added as a summer fragrance answer?

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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    Great thread--- thanks!
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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    In the old FAQ I remember seeing explanations to some of the acronyms we use here without hesitation: The ordinary EdT, EdP, PH, SOTD and SOTE are self-written but mabe also CdG, BdP, MdM, VdR, FiF, GIT, MI, SSD, ML, LV, TM, SMW, LV, PdN. I remember the old FAQ having far more than these, but these ones were the first to pop up in my mind. I think it would ease up things for newcomers. At least it was useful to me in the beginning.

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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    This looks like a great FAQ, but none of the links work anymore (forum change I guess?). If you ever get the time I would (and I'm sure many others would) appreciate it if you could fix the links. Thanks!

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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    Yeah but....what is the most masculine fragrance?

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    Default Re: FAQ - READ ME

    Unfortunately, most links are dead.

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