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    Default Weil,  Secret De Venus. Historians help me !

    Please can anyone help me to sort out the confusion re. Weil, Secret De Venus.
    I am aware that it is a very old fragrance that has recently been re-hashed.
    The old stuff, (mostly sold as a perfume oil) sells for a fortune on e-bay, and the new stuff, (mostly sold as an edt) is dirt cheap.
    Now the real confusion starts !...............the old stuff sold on e-bay is sometimes called Secret De Venus, with a subtitle `Zibeline´. Sometimes it´s just called Secret De Venus. On the other hand I came across an old bottle, (probably 60´s/70´s - edt spray) from Weil just called Zibeline. No mention of Secret De Venus.
    I managed to pluck up the courage and recently bought, (ouuuuch !) a bottle of the very, very expensive old perfume oil called just Secret De Venus.
    It´s interesting stuff. Overpoweringly potent. Very sweet. I would describe it as very almondy, with a slight
    musky/patchouly/animalistic base. Interesting, but certainly not worth the money it´s fetching on e-bay.
    I would be very interested to hear other opinions/descriptions on this mysterious fragrance.

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    Default Re: Weil, *Secret De Venus. Historians help me !

    The house of Weil has indeed been around quite a while. It is my recollection that there are several fragrances of vintage that are interesting by them including Zibeline and Antilope. The subtitling that you describe seems to be an obfuscation, as I am rather sure that Secret de Venus and Zibeline were originally very different fragrances.
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