I went back to Alta tonight (Saturday) which turned out to be a good idea for fragrances, but a horrible one for traffic. Darkness + Saturday night + teenagers = recipe for automotive disaster. It took me an 1.5 hours to get through a 30 minute trip. Anyway, on to the sampling...

Clean Men - Smells clean, pleasant, and fresh enough to successfully pull off the out of shower image they are going for. Where I see this falling short is that it is overpriced and has a feminine musk dry-down that basically castrates the sleek masculinity of the whole package after about an hour.

Tommy Bahama Very Cool - Very cool, indeed! This fragrance is fruity, but very relaxed and mellow. I think a lot of fruity fragrances try to be too energizing or invigorating, and this seems to rattle those conventions by smelling so laid back. This would fit an afternoon under a cabana on the beach. The casual elements combine with some warm notes after a while, giving it a kind of natural charisma and personal attachment that is absent from many fragrances today. The Tommy Bahama line is really winning my respect now with this one.

Very Irresistible - Not the best, but I'm a Givenchy nut, so I enjoy it. I think there is merit to this beyond me simply enjoying this house. One thing I really like about Pour Homme and this is that they both strike a great balance between two contrasting qualities. Where PH was somewhere between fresh and rich, VI finds harmony between casual and serious. The minty contrast to the dark cedar really works well in my opinion, but someone shot it down with, "It smells like weird chocolate." Oh well!

Swiss Army - It might be ok, but my nose was shot by the time I got to it, and I couldn't sniff out anything that made me want to smell it again. Fresh, bland, and generic, at least that is the impression that I have.

Gucci Envy - Strong, rich, woody, deep...reminded me of M7 or Visit, only tempered with some herbal green smell. I can really respect someone wearing this, but it just isn't for me. I don't think I identify with only one particular style of fragrance, but I do know that this style is too heady for me to wear comfortably.

Before I went home, I decided to make a quick stop off at TJ Maxx in case they had anything new there. To my surprise, they had an unboxed 1.7 oz Claiborne Sport that I picked up for a bargain $9.99. I sprayed it out of excitement for having bought this blind, but I couldn't make anything out after smelling so many other things...my throat actually hurts from sniffin'! I gave it to someone to sample and they really liked it, so hopefully I'll like this as well. I think it will be my SOTD tomorrow, and I'll let everyone know what I really think then.

Thanks for reading,