Hey guys - been a while for me, but I was looking for some advice (my girlfriend is a great source of it, but I get the feeling she just compliments anything I sample)
-So I feel like I've got some nice scents, but I feel like they're mostly sweet or light, well, not all of them, but I'm looking for something a little more mature, ok - poor choice of words - I'm looking for something classy, a little darker, but still suggestive and (positive) attention-getting - a sweet note certainly isn't bad here, just classy is key (and "mysterious" would be great too)

the ones I've sampled and am considering are:

MPG - Santal Noble
MPG - Ambre Precioux (like this a lot, gets very "creamy&quot
PdN - New York (also a big fan of the spices in this one)
Agatha Brown - Conquest
Costume National - Scent Intense
-just ordered a Tea for Two sample

-I also have a bunch of samples I originally thought were too "grown up", but haven't re-visited yet, thought I'm sure I will, so anything you can think of that's not on my list please suggest.

for comparison, here's what I own now (don't yet have my wardrobe up and running):

Pal Zileri
John Varvatos
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy
Burberry Brit
Creed - GIT
Escada Magnetism (too warm for this now)
CSP Vanille Pineapple
Agatha Brown - Imperial Jade (big big fan, girlfriend loves this)
Herrera for Men

-Sorry this is so long, folks, but if you could give any input please do (thought I'm sure it's gonna come down to what I like the most at the time I choose to buy something)

thanks again,