I've sampled Envy before, but I always thought it was a little too "green" for me. *I was also under the impression it was a standard Vetiver scent which I hate with a passion. *After sampling it again and reading all the stellar reviews here on bnotes, *I decided to go for it and bought a 50ml for $18. *Let me just say how wrong I was in the first place. *This juice is stellar, complex, and smooth. *Hard to place the notes at first but it gets really sweet on the drydown. *But not too much. *Detect some vanilla and wood and some spice. *Kind of reminds me of Mugler Cologne to certain degree. *And that's a good thing.

Now onto Kenzo Jungle. *I found a 100ml tester for $20 and went for it "blind". *Let me first say the bottle is very unique or rather the cap. *Is it a mohawk, a mustache brush or a replica of a Zebra mane? *Who knows but it's very distinctive. *Now the juice. *Starts off really limey & citrusly which is a change from the usual Lemon/Orange based citrus notes found in every other scent. * Very nice. *Then it develops kind of like Envy into a dark, woody concoction with a touch of sweetness. *Superb to say the least. *Definitely my best "blind" buy yet. *