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    Ive always loved the smell of honeysuckle...youre hiking along a winding trail and all of a sudden, mmmmmmmm,then you spot it,rows of honeysuckle....which fragrances have honeysuckle as an ingredient?

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    Fahrenheit has a very obvious honeysuckle note.
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    I like honeysuckle too. Never smelled it in a fragrance besides Fahrenheit though, and I dislike Fahrenheit.

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    I like Fahrenheit mainly because of the Honeysuckle in the topnotes.

    Trussardi's Fresh has Honeysuckle, but its a generic scent.

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    If you like honeysuckle, try Creed chevrefeuille original, nice blend of honeysuckle and mint, refreshing and easy, though not very longlasting.

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    Yep, Creed CO is worth a try.

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    IMO, this is THE Honeysuckle cologne! *Has jasmine too and I smell both as I walk around my neighborhood here in middle GA. *Lovely scents and both go well with the aroma from my Punch Double Corona as it accompanies me on my 'health-walks'.

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    This is a "womens" scent but if you want honeysuckle get Cynthia Rowley's perfume. The blue bottle is girly but it is PURE honeysuckle and VERY green and in my opinion very easy for a guy to wear.

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    Santa Maria Novella Caprifoglio is a nice and linear honeysuckle scent.

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