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    Default Tested some niche stuff today

    Hey its me again. And I sniffed some L'artisans today. Mainly two of them actually. Mechant Loup and Voleur de Roses. I would give thumbs up to both. ML is quite weird, both sweet and green and something animalistic going on but actually quite pleasant. VdR initially smells of wet roses, that is almost photographic. But then there is something about it that reminds me of old museums or gererally old things. This melancholic quality is almost psychedelic and can't be pin pointed to any note in there. I also sampled Passage D'enfer but it didn't strike me as dark like VdR did. VdR is very dark although my rational mind can't pin point what makes it so dark about this soft floral scent.
    The others are Lutens Gris Clair and Creed Original Santal. Gris Clair is like raw crushed vanilla which to me smells like dead bugs :P just not my thing. Dry down is musculine and sweet reminds me of the vanilla dry down in Rochas man. Creed OS begins rather pleasent and light for a few minutes then suddenly change into powdery sweet which is quite boring. I don't really mind the sweetness or heaviness but if only it was a little bit more interesting I would have preferred it to Himalaya.
    Then the SL Ambre Sultan. I see it as something like M7 taken to the next level. Much drier and more pronounced woods and more smokey. I can't imagine how any woman would wear this. Sadly the Chergui and Fumerie Turque are out of stock at the shop.

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    Default Re:  Tested some niche stuff today

    Very good descriptions. Niche being very new to me I am currently in a heavy testing phase. As of now, I have in a closet 138 different decants or sample vials of fragrances (not all niche) I don't know (Actually I have 34 more on the way, I really need to stop sometime soon and test the ones I have). What I like to do rather than just sniff, is apply it for at least 6-8 hours and see what the result is on my skin. Also, for me I need a shower to completely clean the one off before testing another. For me it's pretty exciting that almost every day I get to randomly select something different to test.

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    Default Re:  Tested some niche stuff today

    Mugler, I' share Markc's compliments for your reviews. Great thoughts and descriptions of VdR, one of my very favorites. I'm glad you like it too--it is one that cemented me on this path of scent hunt. If it exists, I thought and still think, there must be other experiences as good out there somewhere.

    Keep up the fine thoughts and reviews!
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re:  Tested some niche stuff today

    I have to 3rd those other two's resopnses... if that if possible. I love VdR and you nailed it with wet roses. It smells a little green to me like the leaves and stem is in there too but wet covers that. I just got Mechant Loup and it is a beauty. I am glad you share similar interests in L'Artisan fragrances. They are my favorite to date and completely unique to any other house.

    The other ones I am not too keen on. I don't know them well. Original Santal is very, very good IMO. I smelled it only once though.

    Chergui and Fumerie Turque are must trys!! You have to smell them or else!!


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