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    Default Ideas for new fragrances?

    Hi there, this is my first post. *Im glad I found this message board!

    Im a 21yr old male looking to get some new scents. *I found i've outgrown my current ones for the most part or mabye am just bored of them. *I've searched the site a bit to try and answer some of my own quesions, but please forgive me if i'm repeating common questions!

    Im looking for a selection casual (day) wear, evening (night out/clubbing) wear, and more romantic
    Currently I own ADG, Chanel Allure Sport, Fendi Uomo, and Versace Metal jeans.
    I have been looking for a long time to find a scent that works for me for casual wear. *Ideally, i'd like a scent thats clean and fresh smelling like Azzaro Chrome or ADG but lush as well like D&G.
    I'd like to avoid anything too spicy or woodsy scented as well. *I seldom ever wear the Fendi.

    Suggestions for the different occasions?
    I have recommended to try Eau D'issey, Estee Lauder Pleasures, John Varvatos, Lacoste Red, Body Kouros, or D&G, but im not totally sure if they'd be right for me or when to wear them. *Suggestions with these, or any other good one's i've missed that would fit the occasions?
    My style is classy and reserved, but outwardly at the same time im also very sociable and romantic, if that helps the recommendations at all. Perhaps thats why im looking for that certain casual scent?

    Thanks very much for the help, I really appreciate it! *Hopefully, I can find the frags i've been looking for!

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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    Hey powerslide, Welcome to Basenotes!

    Check out the Just Starting Out board, it's really useful!

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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    You could try Swiss Army for a fresh type of fragrance, and Paco Rabanne XS for a more flowery-woodsy feeling, XS is an awesome fragrance though.

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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    thanks, i'll look into Paco Rabanne XS for sure
    Yeah, i love the smell of Swiss Army, but unfortunately its my buddy's signature, he wears it all day every day, so something similar would be awesome too.
    Still, any suggestions for the more formal/romantic situations, or club nights for example?
    Thanks again for any help, I'll definitely dive into the Just Starting Out board and see what I can find

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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    Lanvin Oxygene and Azzaro Chrome are also 'Fresh' types. Cerruti 1881 Summer (limited edition) also seems like what you could like as also Chanel Platinum Egoiste (very sophisticated fresh fragrance)

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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?


    Have you tried Cool Water? That is a favorite of mine. I wear it all the time in the summer. I would also try some of the Cartiers. I am not so farmilliar with them but there are some really good ones that match what you might be looking for. Last, I would suggest Chanel Pour Monseignor (sp??). Good luck on your hunt and welcome, again...


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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by EnvYuS
    Chanel Pour Monseignor (sp??)
    Chanel pour monsieur

    if you're looking for something "fresh but lush", you should try Higher by Christian Dior. I'm not exactly sure how much you will enjoy the pear notes, but you may like it.
    Lacoste Essential and L'eau par Kenzo are also safe bet on the fresh side.
    And I second XS and Platinum Egoïste, as my signature will confirm it.

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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    Something subtle but kind of green? Try the Original Pal Zileri.

    [BTW, "Monsieur" is French for "mister" or "gentleman;" "monseigneur" is the French form of address for a bishop or archbishop. Just in case you wanted to know...]
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    Ok, so today was the big day! *I went out with a list and tried as many as i could (with sufficient breaks in between and a whole lot of coffee smelling) 8-)

    For casual/summer/fresh scents I checked out quite a few different lighter colognes, but for some reason when I tried Lacoste Essential (on my skin as well) I just fell in love with it. *Ive read a few people really dont like it, but for some reason I love it, even more than the Lacoste Red which I also tried. *Any comments on this one? *I did like Pleasures by Lauder as well, but liked Lacoste much better.

    For the evening/date/clubbing fragrance I had a bit more trouble. *I tried Lanvin, and really liked it at first, but now im not so sure, it seems almost too 'powdery' to me, but at the same time I still like it.
    The other problem is that I have a sample card here which was sprayed with either Rive Gauge or Platinum Egoist, and I like the smell! *Its sweet, but definately woodsy undertones.
    I of course checked out the D&G, which I still like, but also tried Burberry Brit which was like it without the lush top. *and Boss Soul as well, which I liked, and also Varvatos, which smelled to me like purple velvet for some reason. *I tried M7, but it was much too sweet for me.
    At the end of that though, i just couldnt seem to find a good clubbing scent or a good date scent out of them. *The varvatos seemed overly formal to me, the D&G although very nice seemed a bit 'done,' as I know at least 3 others close to me who wear the same scent, and the Boss Soul I liked but I must confess at that end point my senses were a little muddled sol I cant quite remember if it would work :-[ But, I do like Boss, and i remember that soul seemed like it but much more sophisticated and deep.

    Im thinking of going back again and looking for the date/clubbing scent. *Ill definately check Higher by Dior, and I am thinking I'll go back and try Boss Soul, Millesime Imperial, Lanvin, and mabye YSL Rive Gauge once again. *Suggestions/comments on these for this? *I think they are all potentially the right scent for me, even if the Rive Gauge is a little bit 'dark.' *At least with the Lanvin I'll know that not too many people wear it. *But at the same time, I'd love to find something else a lot like the D&G, but they said today that there really arent any fragrances that are like it, its quite 'unique'

    Thanks so much for the help, sorry for the long report!

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    Default Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    Hey powerslide-

    I recently purchased YSL Rive Gauche as my blind buy and I like it a lot. At first, the topnotes were a little foreign and extreme to my nose- I couldn't handle the spicness. I warmed up to it within 2 more wearings and find it sublime. The drydown smells so clean and even sweet woodiness to my nose. I really like the drydown and longevity of RG is amazing. When I first read your post, I had a hunch that I should recommend this scent to you, I had a feeling you were going to like it! Ah, too late now, but I'll recommend it to you now! If you do test it on your skin, go for the complete drydown and I'm sure you'll like it. We are of similar age, and it shouldn't worry you that some feel that Rive Gauche may have an "older" feel to it. I originally got that vibe, but age is just a state of mind these days.

    Anyways, I say you try Rive Gauche on your skin or maybe even buy it blind like me! (I suggest testing it on your skin though haha) I've got a good feeling that you'll like it! ;D

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