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    Default L' Artisan Mandarine Tout Simplement

    I just picked up Mandarine Tout Simplement, the new limited edtition L' Artisan summer scent. I was looking for something light and orangy, and this fits the bill. First of all, it comes in a HUGE 8.4 oz bottle, with one of those old fashined pmup sprayers. The bottle is very nice. As for the scent, it starts off very fresh, and smells like juicy mandarine oranges. It stays pretty linear, getting slightly softer and greener into the drydown. The lasting power isnt too bad, it stays close to the skin, but I think it's ment to be applied generously, hence the pump sprayer and 8.4 oz they provide. Heres the description from

    A fresh, zingy fragrance for Spring, created famed perfumer Olivia Giacobetti! Mandarine tout simplement will take your senses to this island where the mandarin trees grow surrounded by olive trees. Where the earth and sun of Mediterranean sea nourrish this fruit full of good mood. In the top notes the green mandarin expresses itself alone, its vivacity slightly underlined by the trace of ginger. If you close your eyes you will experience all the splendor of the zest in this note. In the heart of the fragrance the acidulated freshness of the yellow mandarin is combined with the velvety sweetness of the white petal of a frangipani. The fruity scent of the red mandarin combines with a wet white wood in order to recreate the illusion of a mandarin tree on the coast. Just like the feeling of the sun on your skin. Soft and feminine.

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    Why would a major niche player like L'Artisan still label a scent as "feminine?" These days, men (and women) wear what they like, not what they're told to wear. I know this has been explored many times on other threads, but it still irks me to see the gender issue thrown about so freely. To be honest, I've come close to ordering this myself! Glad you like it so well.

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    bump, has anyone else tried this yet?

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    Default Re: L' Artisan Mandarine Tout Simplement

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