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    Default Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    My opinion:
    Frederic Malle - Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Lorenzo Villoresi - Vetiver
    Vetiver - Guerlain

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    Guerlain Vetiver, Vetiver Extraordinaire, and one you left out - Annick Goutal Vetiver
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Vetiver Oriental
    Route du Vetiver

    Honorable mention: L'Artisan Vetiver
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers


    Loewe – Loewe Pour Homme
    Hermčs – Vétiver Tonka
    Mazzolari – Vetiver

    Honorable mention:
    Carlo Corinto – Vetyver
    Lanvin Vetyver


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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    Etro, Jo Malone and Fréderic Malle got my votes. Would have voted for Annick Goutal if it had been included.
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    Route du Vetiver

    Plenty of favorites on that list, but those are the top three.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    Annick Goutal Vetiver
    Vetiver Tonka
    haven't decided on the third yet
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    When I think Vetiver I always think there's actually two scent classes of it,
    a. the raw type scents like Villoresi, Etro, Roccobarocco and
    b. the highly refined types like Guerlain, Creed, Azzaro Pure Vetiver, Carvens, Malizia Uomo etc (I have difficulty detecting it in Lanvin's).

    Anyhow, I haven't tested all the one's that can be polled on, but my favourites are
    Villoresi (raw)
    Guerlain's (refined)
    Azzaro Pure Vetiver (as good as Chrome)

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    I love Lanvin Vetiver (vintage)
    I still must try the new one though, they say it's different
    I like l'Occitane Vetiver
    Guerlain Vetiver and Vetiver Ice
    - nice colognes, easily wearable
    I like to apply and forget about them during the day. Should they be noticed
    by others, it will be ok but not really intended. Best for work and in the summer.
    Adolfo Dominguez Vetiver - 'to test' I heard it praised so much that
    I believe I may not know the 'best' yet!
    Puig Vetiver - 'to test' I like the house
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    This is maybe a bit off-topic, but I bought a pretty expensive 100% genuine, essentual Vetiver oil. This stuff is brown and out of the 5ml bottle stinks like hell. Very, very damp and earthy, no Vetiver or grass notes at all. It almost made me run to the toilet! I couldn't resist to try it on my skin, but it's of course for the use with a diffuser. Longevity was around 48 hours (only two drops!). The evolution was mindblowing to say the least. It changed the whole time for about two hours, then stayed more or less the same. What also made the testing on skin quite interesting was the fact that after the two hours it was exactly like the old Guerlain Vetiver, maybe slightly more intense, but the smell was identical IMO. They say it's bad to use an essential oil on skin, but I will do it again. Can't wait to try the 100% genuine, essentual indian sandalwood oil on skin ....
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    LV Vetiver, VE and Racine

    I like Original Vetiver alot, but can't think of it as a vetiver scent.

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    1. Vétiver by Carven
    2. Vetiver by Guerlain
    3. Vétiver by Annick Goutal

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    In order:

    1-Lorenzo Villoresi Vetiver
    2-Adolfo Dominguez Vetiver
    3-Creed Vetiver (1948)
    TOP 5:

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    To ensure a decent range, I'll pick (in no particular order)

    Guerlain Vetiver
    I Profumi di Firenze Fresco di Vetiver
    Lorenzo Villoresi Vetiver

    Honorable mention to L'Artisan Vetiver and Carlo Corinto Vetyver


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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    It looks like Guerlain's Vetiver is the winner, but which one? The old or the new version??
    Probably we need a new poll.

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers


    Creed's 1948 is terrific, too.

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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    L'Occitane Vetyver
    Carven Vetiver
    Guerlain Vetiver

    I'd like to try Royall Vetiver and the old Caswell Massey Vetiver, maybe they'll bring it back.
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers


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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    I smelled Creed's Vetiver today and it smelled very
    'green'. Did not care much for it at all. Still preferred Guerlain.
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    Default Re: Your 3 favourites Vetivers

    One more: Montale's Vetiver des Sables. It's my favourite vetiver at the moment.

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