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    Default Aramis Surface ~ Angel Schlesser Homme

    I recently got a sample of Angel Schlesser Homme and had used Aramis Surface before. Anyone else detect any similarity between these two fragrances? I know Surface has been discontinued. Angel Schlesser Homme might be a good substitute. The price is definitely attractive.

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    Default Re: Aramis Surface ~ Angel Schlesser Homme

    I recently tried Angel Schlesser again and found that I like it a lot.

    It starts with topnotes that smells like Lily of the Valley then quickly turns into curry and finally settled into a pencil shaving smell. I know, its weird - floral, curry and pencil just doesn't seems to match, but Angel Schlesser blends them together like a tapestry. Its very unique, the only scent I can categories with this one is Givenchy's Insense.

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