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    Default Pal  Zileri Sartoriale

    I sampled this at nordstrom's last night and really enjoyed it so much I went back and bought a bottle before leaving the mall.

    The scent is warm woody oriental amber envelolping scent --

    Top Grapefruit Bergamot Elemi
    Middle Jasmine Bulgarian Rose Cedarwood
    Bottom Cashmere wood Sandalwood Ebony Wood Amber

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    Default Re: Pal *Zileri Sartoriale

    I checked this one out also and thought it was nice. P Z had this 3 pack of fragrances..... there is another scent on the way..... I believe it is called no.18....

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    Default Re: Pal *Zileri Sartoriale

    I picked up the three pack this evening after initial sampling in the store. They're good, but I've just realized they smell like stuff I have or have had. The original smells a bit like Live Jazz on the dry down. I can't peg No 18, but I've smelled it before somewhere. Sartoriale caught my attention the most from the three, but as it dried down, I kept thinking, I've smelled this one before, too. I kept thinking it was something I gave my brother, which turned out to be close as I actually still have my bottle and bought him one of his own. To me, it smells pretty darn close to Envy.
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    Default Re: Pal *Zileri Sartoriale

    I sampled both and thought that No.18 smelled a bit like Laguna.

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    Default Re: Pal  Zileri Sartoriale

    I bought a bottle of Sartoriale, 10 quid from fragrance direct, for purposes of writing a column on sartorially inspired perfumes. This is quite nice, actually, though not earthshaking. Stuffed with cashmeran and iso-e-super, but pleasantly low-key, in fact, I find it to have poor longevity - either that, or my nose closes down on one of the key synthetics. On me, this is a lot less sweet than Envy and softer than Gucci "pencil shavings" homme. At the price, for 50ml, it is a good buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_good_life View Post
    I find it to have poor longevity - either that, or my nose closes down on one of the key synthetics.
    No ... it really does have awful longevity. On par with D'Orange Verte Concentree ... maybe even worse. But I've kept my bottle hanging around because I love the scent and will spray it occasionally just hanging around the house. Can't wear it out though because I get a half hour at best with this. Shame ...

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    Default Re: Pal  Zileri Sartoriale

    Funny thing:I will mention a third similar Gucci fragrance:Gucci Rush For Men.Or Tumulte Homme by Chistian Lacroix.Lots of cedar...
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    Default Re: Pal  Zileri Sartoriale

    Very bad longevity and sillage, or maybe my bottle went bad. 10 sprays is not equivalent to 1 sprays of Envy. Otherwise I really like that frag.

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    Default Re: Pal  Zileri Sartoriale

    Gucci Rush for Men smoothened and polished. I bought this recently and got very good longevity, certainly better than from Rush. A good one.
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    Default Re: Pal  Zileri Sartoriale

    May be worth try for its current price at fragrancedirect-

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