Just tried these at local Bloomingdales.
I really liked Boss Selection. It *reminded me of both Boss Bottled and Baldessarini but a very nice star anis note makes it stand out. It's marketed as a mature man fragrance but I would go against the info and say that it's suitable for any age group. I also loved the minimalistic bottle.One of the best Bosses IMO.
As for Dunhill Pure i was really surprised to see it on the shelf since there was no info on it at all before the launch.
They didn't have a taster and a sales lady just opened a new box and sprayed once on a paper strip. It smelled like a fresher version of Dunhill for men-2003 ( unlike Dunhill Fresh ) and wasn't bad at all. The bottle looks the same as the Dunhill for men's but it's frosty-green. I'll definetely have to try it one more time.