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    Default Question about Top Notes

    Is there an average time for fragrances' top notes to disappear and the middle notes appear? I know all fragrances are different, but in trying to discern notes, when I spray do top notes generally last more than say 1 minute before middle notes kick in? Just trying to gain a stronger grasp and understanding.

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    Default Re: Question about Top Notes

    From what I have read, it generally takes 10 to 15 minutes, and that also depends on a persons body chemistry, when applied to the body.

    Would like to know other BN members comment is on this also *.


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    Default Re: Question about Top Notes

    I've never really thought about it. If the top notes disappear within 10-15 minutes, I think a better question would be "What is their point?" I want at least 30 minutes out of my top notes damnit!

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    Default Re: Question about Top Notes

    "Top notes" covers a lot of territory. All it means is the first set of notes to hit your nose when you apply the scent. Some top notes are highly volatile (like some citrus notes and some herbal or "green" notes); but some are relatively lasting (artemisia, e. g., can linger for hours, even though it often comes out right at the beginning of an application).

    In general, top notes last only a few minutes, but some florals and woods, and some heavier herbals (like basil and sage) used as top notes do better in terms of lasting time.

    BTW, sometimes the same material can be a top, heart, or base note, depending on the type of extract used. Essential oil of a particular plant will disappear faster than an absolute of the same plant; the concrete of the same botanical will last even longer. So sometimes the same note can be a top note (as an essential oil), a heart note (as an absolute), or a base note (as a concrete).
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