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    Default Jicky Vs. Chergui

    Hello All,
    I'm really getting into this board. You guys are all so great. I just bought a bottle of Jicky which I fell i love with. I'm wearing Chergui for the first time since I went Jicky crazy and I notice some similarities. I notice a lot of similar tones in Chergui to the drydown of Jicky. Not the total composition but the drydown of Jicky. Anyone care to weigh in. It may just be my noe i inexperienced or Aime Guerlain has hijacked my brain.

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    Default Re: Jicky Vs. Chergui

    Both have a sandalwood basenote. Yet I find Chergui much more ambery and Jicky is more on the powdery side.

    I love Jicky too.

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