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    Default Paul Sebastian-Kinetic?

    Anybody ever try this? I've never heard of it before, but TJ MAXX has a 4oz. bottle for $14.99. They also had Claiborne Sport (1.7 oz.) for only $9.99 in case anybosy is interested.

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    Default Re: Paul Sebastian-Kinetic?

    Paul Sebastion asmells exactly like Alfred Sung Paradise to me. It is a good smelling scent for summer. Smells like dewey tropical greens. I like it. If you can get 4 oz for 15 then do it.

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    Default Re: Paul Sebastian-Kinetic?

    I see a bunch of different Paul Sebastian fragrances at TJ Maxx all the time. Kinetic, Silver, Design, Paul Sebastian. I haven't tried any of them so I can't comment. I did try a long discontinued Paul Sebastian Brownstone last week and I loved it. I can't seem to find any information on it and the only website I see it on is selling it for $450!

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    Default Re: Paul Sebastian-Kinetic?

    4 ounces of a PS cologne for $450.00!

    I looked it up and found it one cent cheaper but that's crazy. Has anyone else smelled/used Brownstone?

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    Default Re: Paul Sebastian-Kinetic?

    Greetings, Gentlemen.

    I have won a few vintage bottles of Brownstone in auctions and can honestly tell you it's one of the most unique fragrances i've ever worn. It's more of a specialty scent that's best suited for romantic situations. It has a strong character, perhaps too sweet for some, but the women that have smelled it on me have given me quite a favorable response. Given the time that it was made (87), it's kind of a powerhouse rendition of a sweet and sexy cologne. It smells so much better than the original PS it's not even funny. Whoever was responsible for marketing this amazing fragrance just didn't know what they were doing.

    Wish I could find something this special in today's market. The only thing close would be Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, which retails for $180 for a 1.7 0z. bottle. (Ouch!) I'll keep searching for more Brownstone - an exquisite scent that somehow slipped through the cracks.
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