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    Default The Hidden Treasures of L'Aromarine

    Today my second purchase from Bohobelle.Com of L'Aromarine EDT arrived.

    This second buy, of the Oakmoss Fragrance 'Mousse De Chene', is truly as good as my first L'Aromarine ;Vetiver

    The Oakmoss EDT is very good and has strong hints of a lighter version of Azzaro Pour Homme.

    I am writing again about L'Aromarine in the hope that fellow Basenoters might be encouraged to try this range which is very nice quality and very cheap also.

    These Frags are not insubstantial but neither do they have concrete sillage either. They are prefectly refreshing, in an Eau De Cologne sort of way with the added bonus of a lingering loyalty to the skin.

    Get to, click to go inside and check out the range; If you don't go within you'll definitely go without.


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    Default Re: The Hidden Treasures of L'Aromarine

    Thanks for the introduction. I read your previous [vetiver] post and I checked them out. They look very interesting and I'm considering trying them. I also noticed that they have a classic mure et musc.
    Are they more substantial than Roger & Gallet (if you've tried them)? For example the vetiver?
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    Default Re: The Hidden Treasures of L'Aromarine

    The Vetyver is a different animal from the Roger and Gallet confection. I would say it is lighter but would point out that the 'dry' 'grassiness' of the vetiver shines in this all through and that the effervescent lemony opening and the soft green drydown are worth the investment for the difference alone. This is the kind of fragrance which feels all day as if it was applied in a shaft of sunlight.

    Horses for Courses of course but I would gamble that anyone purchasing L'Aromarine would find it hard to stop at one.

    These have been the cheapest treasures I have ever come across.

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