Macy's has added a new "Teen's Fragrances" section to their web site, in a blatant attempt to push certain fragrances. While there are a lot of colognes on the site, only Kenneth Cole Signature and Black made the list for teen guys (whaa...?). The selection is pretty limited overall, and I really don't know why Macy's would want to limit the appeal of fragrances for teenagers. It seems like parents will probably just follow the link and buy whatever they see on it when it comes birthday time for their son or daughter. Maybe I just discovered the motive behind it! I disagree with this marketing strategy because I feel like this largely uneducated demographic (teens) will continue to wear whatever is thrown at them, rather than explore options and maybe find something unique. The site preaches, "This is what cool people your age are wearing," and watch how the sales will roll.