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    Default Everyday scent, change frequently?

    I am just thought about fragrance usage for everyday. Do you guys change scents very frequently (daily, weekly …)? I have some scents (not much) and usually pick up something appropriate (in my mind) for special occasions. For every day, I usually hesitate, do not know why, to change fragrances frequently. Thinking like it is my “logo” and I should not change them randomly. Usually I pick up something and wear for prolonged time, let say for half or even year or when the bottle just runs out.
    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Everyday scent, change frequently?

    I try to change them daily and barely wear a fragrance 2 days on a row or longer. I do this to prevent olfactory fatigue (and to adapt them to my mood) and think it works better than to wear stuff for a long period and get too used to it. It's indeed an expensive routine but samples and stuff like that work well.
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    Default Re: Everyday scent, change frequently?

    I like to change it up everyday but not because I like to change it. I like to get out of the shower and feel what kind of day it is and then look at what I can choose from.

    I pick a new one everyday because I feel different and the weather has changed and there is something different to do each day. I don't think that changing it is bad or good. It is just a preference of how often you like to wear certain smells.


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    Default Re: Everyday scent, change frequently?

    I`m fairly new to this myself,I like to wear a frag 2-3 days at a time.I find that in doing it this way I can get a better understanding of the notes, and over 3 days I remember more about it`s sillage and longevity.

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    Default Re: Everyday scent, change frequently?

    I normally will have a small set of fragrances that I consider suitable for the office and pick one of those as the mood takes me. In that mode it is not unusual to wear the same thing all week. I will generally wear something else in the evening if I am going out and during the weekend. Since my favorites are more of the eveningwear type, I do look for excuses.

    Right now I'm going through an expansion and exploration, so I've been trying a different sample about every day. Monday evening I picked up samples of Antaeus and Eternity Summer and there were three samples in the box Mouchoir de Monsieur showed up in. So I'll be changing daily for a while before I settle back down into a routine (or maybe this spree will go on!).
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