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    Default I think I'm becoming a fragrance snob

    Let's get to the root of this feeling. First of all, I panicked today and decided I couldn't stand a scent that I in the past have liked very much. The scent is Bulgari Aqua. It all of a sudden clicked that it is very similar to AdG and I REALLY didn't want that. I mean know one who wasn't scent educated would know the difference between the two scents, and for some stupid (dare I say snobbish?) reason that bothered me. So I got rid of the scent. Other snobbish things? I want to call my friends out on what scents they're wearing, and when I don't know for sure what scent it is, which is most of the time, I wish I did know so that I could call them out. And that's the snobbish part, it's more just to show off my knowledge than to compliment because honestly most people I'm around don't have the greatest taste (IMSO). Lately I've been going through samples of niche scents at an alarming rate. When I don't like a niche scent, I view it as a respectable artistic creation that simply isn't compatible with me. When I don't like a designer scent, I trash it to no end. The problem is I'm worried that if I keep traveling down this road I will eventually stop being able to enjoy the things about scent that I loved so much in the first place. No matter how many niche scents I get into I don't want you guys to let me forget my roots. A*Men, Gucci Envy, Geir. Designer classics! I think we should all remember our roots as we journey further into the wild world of fragrances because enjoyment and curiosity triggered the whole thing. If we act too good for scents we could kill the enjoyment, and if we act like we know everything we could kill the curiosity. I'm all for gaining knowledge but I move that we as a community make a concerted effort to avoid becoming a snobbish bunch.

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    Default Re: I think I'm becoming a fragrance snob

    You're becoming more discerning and evolved with greater frame of reference. That's not snobbish. Negation before affirmation.
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    Default Re: I think I'm becoming a fragrance snob

    I think your question raises two issues. The first is that you are developing a more educated and discerning olfactory palate. Outstanding. The second--unrelated--issue is why you feel the need to show off, "call out" your friends on what they are wearing, etc. Mabye you should examine your motivations for doing those things and decide whether they have anything to do with an appreciation for fragrance.
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    Default Re: I think I'm becoming a fragrance snob

    It is a matter of "education". Your taste in music has evolved through the years as your ears were trained. Your nose is doing the same. Enjoy the ride.

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    Default Re: I think I'm becoming a fragrance snob

    Quote Originally Posted by Setamp
    It is a matter of "education". *Your taste in music has evolved through the years as your ears were trained. *Your nose is doing the same. *Enjoy the ride.
    right, and with a little time, you'll grow into your new taste and won't feel the compulsion to trash your former taste. I mean, there are guys on here who wear AdG on a tuesday when it was Chergui on monday and Derby on wednesday. It's just a matter of gaining a comfort-level.

    quite like Bvlgari Aqua, I gotta say, has a spicy ocean/hairspray thing going on that I find very nice.

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    Default Re: I think I'm becoming a fragrance snob

    you must transcend snobbery to reach the next level. thus will you achieve a higher level of olfactory existence.

    Traveller, there is no path. You make the path as you walk. -- A. Machado

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    Default Re: I think I'm becoming a fragrance snob

    For certain you'll know better about if you're being callous and aloof as you call out what your friends are wearing, but as I read the scene that could just as much be a part of having fun with them and you hobby. It doesn't mean you really look down on them, instead it could very well be that you want to relate with them and to them because you all know what you're wearing. Seems like a perfectly fun way to interact and for them to roll their eyes at you. It is a challenge to pick out what scents people wear and friends are the perfect people to do this with. I don't think it's inherently snobby at all. Just have fun with it.
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