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    Default Ebay:my FIRST ever purchase!

    ...this is the fragrance I vote for,when I am asked for the most loved fragrance.
    No doubt,I am the biggest admirer of it, around Basenotes.
    It is ,of course, discontunued.
    I bought it for about 25 euros,for the 100 ml bottle (non-tester),a financially prudent buy,as long prices can go up to 120 euros, plus shipping.
    Pity,that it is not the dream I remembered about seven years ago when I used to wear it.Anyway,I will try it some more times.
    Did I mention that I am referring to :L' UOMO TRUSSARDI ? :-/
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Ebay:my FIRST ever purchase!

    I HATE when this happens.....but its inevitable that over time our tastes change...and why shouldn't they......
    clothes & styles does taste in perfume.

    I used to wear Cristalle by chanel in College and loved it. I hadn't worn it for a while and out of nostalgic whiperings bought some...while its still lovely its so not me anymore Thanks god i got it really cheap....LOL

    Bet you can swap your L' UOMO TRUSSARDI in a heart beat

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    Default Re: Ebay:my FIRST ever purchase!

    It is difficult to believe that the fragrance went off or that it is a fake:It came in its original plastic box,sealed with cellophane,with the same sticker on the bottle with my old ,empty bottle (which I have kept,but unfortunately it smells,I am unable then to compare!).
    I am not prepared to admit my defeat,so my thoughts are not quite rational:I can get a second bottle ,of 50 ml,even cheaper,JUST to compare...
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Ebay:my FIRST ever purchase!

    Very coincidentally, I just put on some of this a few minutes before seeing your thread! I recently purchased a bottle from a fellow BN'er. First I applied some from a mini that I have. It has always smelled a little "off". After reading your comments I applied some on my other arm from the bottle. They smell different. The mini smells a bit tart and spicy, while the bottle smells fresher, not "off", and as I imagine the frag is intended to smell. The mini is a splash and they certainly tend to spoil much faster than sprays. A sealed spray is extremely unlikely to change. I am not sure if this helps you, but I felt compelled to tell you about what just happened. In any case, it is not an Ebay thing per se and this is a very unlikely frag to fake in a sealed container.

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