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    Default Have not received certificate

    Though I sincerely enjoy writing reviews of fragrances like I have for this site in the past, I was excited by the offer presented at for the $20 gift certificate. *I knew that between the offer's start and April 30, I would be able to write at least 8 quality reviews. *I received both my $5 and $10 certificates earlier in the month, but I cannot get the $20 one! *I took the advice to write additional reviews in case they are filtering out people who are simply trying to do the minimum to get the money, but I have written 12 reviews now, and still nothing. *I see the web site says that the offer is now over, and I was wondering if anybody who wrote reviews had the same issue. *If nothing else, I'll probably send them an e-mail. * :-/


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    Shish Kabobs! I was going to do this but I completely forgot.

    I suggest sending them an email, starting like "Dear Sir/Madam, I have a little problem that I hope you can help me with..." rather than, "What the hell??!! Where's my certificate?! Are you guys stupid!!!??/ LOlololo!11!!1"

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    Default Re: Have not received certificate

    hm, in retrospect, you should probably have contacted them before the deadline lol

    However, there is a customer service line listed. I'm sure that their customer service will help you out.

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    Default Re: Have not received certificate

    Shoot an e-mail to She has been very helpful and prompt with other issues.

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    Default Re: Have not received certificate

    Hi John,

    I reviewed enough for the 20$ one right off and didn't get any certificate. So I called and called.
    It took three times and them telling me they would check into it before I got someone who said we'll just take your order over the phone and apply your certificate that way. They claimed my firewall or spamblocker must have filtered them out but I don't have anyone on my to block list. I am somewhat computer illitarate and havn't even figured out how to block someone yet.

    good luck,

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    Got my $20 cert right after my 8th review. Had no problems. Bought a 50ml of Allure with it as nobody discounts Chanel.
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