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    Default Le Roy Soleil vs Geir

    Qualifications to play:

    You must have smelled both on your skin, not on a strip of paper.

    Which of the two do you like best?

    And tell us why . . .


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    Default Re: Le Roy Soleil vs Geir

    I tested Le Roy Soleil by Dali a while ago (on my skin) and found it to be overly citrusy for my personal taste. I remember the drydown being rather pleasant, as I got less citrus and more vanilla, which I love, but not good enough for me to throw down the cash for a full bottle. Geir, on the other hand, I find to be the perfect spring /summer scent, fresh but original, long-lasting and moderately complex. Thus Geir wins this battle for me.

    Of course, its hard for me to recommend anything other than a testing of your own.... you may find you feel completely different....

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    Default Re: Le Roy Soleil vs Geir

    i have a full soleil bottle and a sample of geir, i havent worn the geir much because i dont want it to get used up :P

    the soleil is very citrusy, whereas the geir seems a lot softer, however as the domer said the drydown is very good. if you like a quality citrus (i think the same guy that did xs [maybe paco rabanne ph, i forget] did it), then get soleil. geir is classier, soleil is more feel-good

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    Default Re: Le Roy Soleil vs Geir

    I like these both, but still it`s actually very easy desicion for me : Le Roy Soleil

    Dare I say that imo Geir is very much overrated scent here in the B`notes..(?) It`s a very nice scent, with very appealing image. That Norway-mountains-wet-woods-fjord picture backs up the scent quite nicely indeed.
    But, is the scent more than just good?? Well, that is of course up to everyone to decide, but to me in Geir there are two major dilemmas: 1) It`s kind of flat scent after all. It`s very much "easy-going" scent to me; no challenge, no deep, suprising nuances. It`s too obvious scent, too safe, too casual.
    2) It`s a tad too sweet scent to be that mysterious, timeless or natural - three elements that were there to Geir to take hold on.

    To me there are better "fresh" scents available.

    Le Roy Soleil is fantastic. One of the best citrus-creations I`ve ever met. It`s not that deep scent, but still very, very rich blend. Perfect balance, just perfect imo.
    To me, LRS is much more unique scent than Geir. It`s more original and way more classy. Masculine, versatile. Style all the way.

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