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    Default a few questions to ask

    Can anyone tell me their opinion of men's fragrance with the freshest scent?
    Any suggestion for fragrances with sort of metallic notes? rather than allure sport?
    Anyone think the Ozone from Sergio Tacchini smells same as Emporio White?

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    Default Re: a few questions to ask

    I'm gonna go head and answer your first question and then I'm going to direct you to the "Just starting out forum."
    My favorite fresh scents are Thierry Mugler Cologne, Chrome, and Bulgari Aqua.
    TM Cologne is the cleanest, Chrome is the freshest, and the Bulgari Aqua is the best aquatic

    Now, as I promised, I am going to say that I think that at this point in your fragrance life you might be better off in the "Just starting out forum." I look forward to seeing you back here in a couple of months.

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    Default Re: a few questions to ask

    Cool Water is my most fresh scent. It makes me feel cleaner when I wear it.

    The other two I am not sure about. I have trouble with metalic notes. I would run a search because I remember a thread a while back about this kind of thing. I just don't know Emporio White either... Sorry...

    I sencond the notion to try the Just Starting Out Board. It is very helpful for most people in your condition...


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    Default Re: a few questions to ask

    Definitely Azzaro's Chrome, which has a slight metallic feel to it (beats me how), closely followed by Tommy T, Hilfiger Athletics, Samba Ice and maybe even Lanvin Oxygene.
    For the out of the shower fresh feel, there's Biotherm Aquafitness Homme.
    The above are all a bit better worn in summer. A better all rounder with the sharp fresh feel is Boss Elements (not the Aqua version).

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    Default Re: a few questions to ask

    Though I like Chrome as one of my favorite fresh scents, Chaleur d'animale isn't too bad either. It's a good all purpose scent, it doesn't cost much either.

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    Default Re: a few questions to ask

    All of the above suggestions are good, and I would also like to add Gendarme and Echo (Not that fond of it, though, but others seem to like it quite)...

    As for O-Zone being similar, I must say I can't agree, as Emporio White is sweet and sugary-like..Something
    O-Zone is far from..I may be wrong since it's been a while since I've sampled it, but will comment back later...

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    Default Re: a few questions to ask

    Hi IP,

    Welcome to the boards.

    It may not fit your idea of fresh but L'anarchist by caron has a coppery hint in the base and is spicy to boot. Nice stuff.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: a few questions to ask

    I don't think I've smelled anything more fresh than Kenzo L'eau Par. It's the only thing that works for me on very hot summer days.

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