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Thread: versace dreamer

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    Default versace dreamer

    what do you guys think of versace the dreamer.. ive read good abd bad reviews about it.. hope you could help me coz *im going to buy a cologne tomorrow... also can you rate escada magnetism

    thankyou in adavance

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    The Dreamer gets the most mixed up reviews ever. Some say it's putrid and disgusting, others say they don't like it just because it's boring and overly pleasant. Those who like it say it's unique and clean. Others say they like it because it smells earthy.

    You HAVE to smell it, you may love it or hate it, and why you love it or hate it will be different than why everyone else loves it or hates it. And do wear it for a whole day, don't buy based on a card. It morphs. A lot.

    Escada Magnetism is pleasant, it smells like wood and musk and grape cough syrup. Nothing groundbreaking. Cool bottle. Probably good for clubbing.

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    I love it. Many hate it. It's rather unique...

    Read the reviews in the DIRECTORY section of this site, and I'll second the advice that you should get a sample and wear it for a full day.


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    The top notes of Dreamer just remind me of a permanent marker. I can't get past this and I will never buy a bottle of it. Escada magnetism isn't my cup of tea but I would much much much much much much rather wear it than Dreamer. They're too completely different scents though. Dreamer is supposed to be a vanilla oriental IMO but does a bad job at it. Magnetism is a sweet floral scent.

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    i have acidic skin.. would this work for me?

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    I hate it! I remember testing it and even the lady at the counter did not like it all.
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    The Dreamer is in my Top 20 for sure. If you test it, you have to wait 15 minutes. The first minutes I don't like at all, but then it changes for a masterpiece IMHO and it stays the same for hours. Pleasant hours.
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    I bought a bottle while on vacation in Toronto in the winter. I wore it twice then got rid of it as soon as possible. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. To me its a cross between pipe tobacco (I like pipe tobacco) and Joop (I do not like Joop). When a friend met me when I was wearing it, he said someone was smoking a pipe!

    Just the thought of the it now turns me off.

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    I don't know about dreamer but milamber has a great review of Magnetism with some following discussion here:

    I bought Magnetism myself after trying it in a store. It's a weird fragrance - on my skin at least - that starts off being quite powerful grape. Then after 5 minutes it seems to almost disappear. Suddenly it comes back after around 15 minutes and the grape is gone. Now it's a very sweet and in my opinion very nice fragrance that lasts all day even though it does seem to stick quite close to the skin on me (which I like). I only recommend it for clubbing and the like though. Defenitely not something for everyday wear, family parties or business meetings.

    Most of all I recommend you try it first though as my nose might be very different to yours.

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    In addition to the review and discussion of Magnetism on the Milamber's Notebook thread, there was also a recent thread on The Dreamer

    Personally, I am a fan of both fragrances, especially The Dreamer. I compare Magentism to Burberry Brit in the sense that both have a soft, sweet quality, but in a way that is fairly dry and not cloying. I generally don't like very sweet fragrances, but these are two that I enjoy.

    Edit: These are both fragrances that it took me several tests to warm up to. I just didn't "get" The Dreamer at first, and Magnetism seemed to be very short-lived on my skin. But after several tests I started to really like The Dreamer, and discovered that Magnetism actually had good longevity. In fact, during one test I had several fragrances on my arms and after a few hours, Magnetism was the one that continued to project most strongly.

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    Default Re: versace dreamer


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    2 very different scents there, Dreamer and Magnetism. Dreamer, like Joop, like Eternity, like the classics, like most EDPs, must be worn with discretion. Many times, those who hate the Dreamer, have come in close contact with someone who douses himself in it. It then becomes very cloying and headache-inducing, but with a lighter touch, and the right method of application, the scent will positively bloom for you. A walk-through will take you from home to office and back in refined elegance, a bolder spritz to the pulse points and you're ready for a romantic evening, an extra spritz to the chest and you're set for a clubbing session or a smoky jazz club. BUT you must like vanilla and smoky, incense-type fragrances to like the Dreamer.

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    thanks peeps great help on all your comments

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    The Dreamer is the one and only scent I'm currently banned from wearing by my other half. I swear to you on a stack of bibles I actually get women throwing themselves at me whilst wearing this, women have even walked past me, sighed out loud 'wow' then turned around and looked at me with an expression that words cannot convey...Sounds great I know but I actually found it sa little scary too. A scent so powerful...I like to think a women wants me for the whole package not just the scent. Admittably not EVERY woman will react like this, like all scents it will appeal to some but not to others, but those it does appeal to it seems to drive crazy...and trust me there will be enough of them to scare/excite or plain knock the socks off you each time you wear in a public place, so tread carefully and for god sake don't over apply either it's fairly potent!

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    The Dreamer is **definitely** a scent that you should try before you buy. Wear a sample for a day before you make a decision. I bought it blind, and I loved the 1st sniff. I later began to dislike the drydown, and I eventually gave it away. I regret that now--The Dreamer is a really good scent. I agree with the previous references to vanilla and pipe tobacco. It also gets my vote for coolest fragrance box.

    Magnetism, on the other hand, was completely uninteresting. YMMV.
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    Default Re: versace dreamer

    i am again starting to get confused.... dreamer is suppose to smell something simillar to? i hope it doesnt smell like contradiction by CK...

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    Default Re: versace dreamer

    somesay it has a soapy smell to it? so does it smell like claiborne sport?

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    Default Re: versace dreamer

    Quote Originally Posted by docjason
    somesay it has a soapy smell to it? so does it smell like claiborne sport?
    Lots of fragrances smell soapy!! Lanvin L'Homme, Mugler Cologne...etc..etc... all can be described as soapy.

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    so versace dreamer smell simillar to which cologne?

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    Quote Originally Posted by docjason
    so versace dreamer smell simillar to which cologne?
    Definitely shares a key note with Le Male but more astringent, misty and dreamy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docjason
    somesay it has a soapy smell to it? so does it smell like claiborne sport?
    No. Dreamer does not have a "soapy" smell like TM Cologne, Paco Rabanne, etc. From my admittedly shaky memory, I recall Dreamer's drydown smelling a tad similar to Laguna's. A little vanilla and a note reminiscent of pipe tobacco.
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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    Default Re: versace dreamer

    I think it smells exactly same as Versace V/S, except the dry down is not as warm

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    Default Re: versace dreamer

    Test first,really. The top notes can piss u off but the drydown is good and that is dreamers strong point, and it may take 30 minutes to reach that point

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