Aveda has a Rosemary Mint scented line of products that smell absolutely amazing. The shampoo and conditioner especially make my day. I went in their yesterday to replace my depleted supply of the stuff, and upon leaving, mentioned half-jokingly that they should make a perfume based on the scent. To my surprise, they said that they actually do. They have a scent kit where they can mix it in the store. I think this would be an absolutely stunning day-time scent. It is delicious refreshing, and perfectly unisex. The bad news is that the store near me is out of the stuff until next Tuesday. The suspense is killing me because ever since I first smelled the rosemary mint shampoo I've wished with all my heart that I could have it in perfume form and now I'm so close! If everyone has tried this maybe you could tell me how well the smell translates into perfume, because that, along with staying power, is a big worry of mine. Thanks for listening to my little spiel that is of little importance compared to REAL issues such as the question of whether Kouros smells like pee, the exciting prospect of being bitten while wearing Rive Gauche, and the question that should get zero answers everytime "what scent is universally appealing to women?"
p.s.- if you haven't tried this shampoo you are really missing out