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    Default Fragrance for summer?

    Hi to all the memebrs,
    I am a novice about fragrances. I would like to know what are the good ones for summers. Especially, it should be long lasting in clubs!! and should attract attentions! (not necessarily but if one gets, i won't complain.
    I would like to have opinion about Clinique happy, Chanel Allure, Versace Blue Jeans, Givenchy pi, D&G in terms of long lasting ability and complimets that you get (not so important though).

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    Default Re: Fragrance for summer?

    Welcome! Try Yves Saint Laurent M7 Fresh

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    Default Re: Fragrance for summer?

    I'm not sure I would wear Happy for clubbing. It doesn't have very good longetivity either... I use it for warm summer days. A positive thing might be that you won't choke on it if you dance a lot though. Stays fresh, nice and clean.

    Pi is vanilla overdose for me. Even in the winter. I haven't worn it myself but just testing it made it obvious that I would definitely choke on this one. I'd be careful with this one... especially if you dance a lot.

    D&G would be my choice. It lasts a long time and I'd say you can use it in the summer too if you want to. I wouldn't mind. Good for clubs too in my opinion. Only downside might be is that it's way too common in some countries/areas.

    I don't remember what Allure was like and I never tried Blue Jeans.

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    Default Re: Fragrance for summer?

    Only one of those frags that i have is D&G. In my opinion it is a bit too heavy for summers here in Toronto (gets really hot believe it or not).

    I would suggest that you try cK Eternity Summer. I like it a lot and will be picking it up real soon.

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