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    Default Re: Your most *complimented NICHE* frag

    I always get compliments when wearing Miel de Bois, Musc Ravageur, Millesime Imperial and Isfarkand.
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    Default Re: Your most *complimented NICHE* frag

    The definition of "niche" one sees most often references the number of "doors" (i.e., retail locations) where the line can be had. So I think "niche" began as a marketing category based on narrowness/exclusivity of distribution. The Internet has blurred the lines on distribution, especially for something like Creed, which I would still very much categorize as niche. It seems silly to base the distinction on whether the house has other lines of business or even a clothing business, if the fragrance line is obviously not conceived as an adjunct to some global fashion marketing plan. So I would count Comme des Garcons as niche.

    I think a good paradigm could borrow from the movie business. There, you have big studio releases that open on 3000 screens and aim to push the buttons of a broad audience. You also have small independent films targeting very specific (and sometimes snobbish) audience segments. Especially if you live in a smaller community, it can require a real effort to see some of these films. Of course, big studios are increasingly involved in the production and distirbution of films with an "independent" sensibility.

    I don't really think in terms of the categories "niche" and "designer" myself, but I seem to favor fragrances with an "it's not for everyone" quality about them that also require a bit of effort to obtain. I suppose "niche" is as good a shorthand for those fragrances as anything.

    I've probably had the most compliments on Jaisalmer.
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