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    Default Just found a new love...

    Well, I just got back from a short trip to Cleveland. As the fragrance shopping downtown totally sucks, I had to go to the suburbs today to do some sniffing before I went home, so, I went to Beechwood Place mall.

    First stop: Nordstrom. I decided to ask the salesperson at the men's fragrance counter if they were getting Gaultier2 in soon. She said that she never heard of it. Same went for Sephora... they asked me if I meant the summer version of Le Male. My search for Gaultier2 was (and still is) fruitless after eight stinking months of waiting (pun intended). >

    So, I went to Saks Fifth Avenue to see what they had in the way of smellies. I was looking at the testers, and spotted a tester of Terre d'Hermes. Thinking about all the Basenoters here that ooh and aah this Jean-Claude Ellena creation, I gave it a spritz on my wrist.

    BAM! Love at first sniff!

    It started out with a citrus blast, settling down after 15 minutes into a smooth vetiver along the likes of Vetiver Extraordinare. About an hour later, the drydown came into action... word's can't describe this woody/spicy/mineral drydown. Suddenly, it dawned upon me that this scent is the outdoors in a bottle. Not a synthetic, cloying outdoor scent like "Mountain Fresh" (ha!) Dial soap, but real outdoor Pacific Northwest freshness. I did notice a slight resemblance to Guerlain L'Instant PH on the drydown; however, TdH doesn't have any of the cloying sweetness that permeates L'Instant.

    Well, I think that I found that elusive summer scent that I was looking for. And since my birthday's coming up soon, I'm putting this on my list.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Just found a new love...

    Ok, that does it. After following all the comments lately about this juice, yours has done it for me. It's going on my "To Test" list now.

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    Default Re: Just found a new love...

    Did you detect the cannabis like note?

    It's a great fragrance. Seems like it could last a little longer. Sort of a closer to the skin type. Like it a lot though. Rich and earthy.
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