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    Default Strange Invisible Perfumes...or just "strange"?

    I have had the privilege of trying 3 of the SI perfumes recently, and must say they are unique and well made. I have samples of Aramaic, Atlantic, and L'Invisible. Without going into the descriptions of the notes here (they are available at, I am going out on a limb here and say that they might possibly be the nicest fragrances to come out of America in quite some time. The only obvious downside to them is the extremely high price one must pay to buy a bottle, therefore the strong suggestion to sample them first. The web site is first rate, and the customer service quotient is quite high. I received prompt replies to my e-mails, descriptions of newer fragrances not yet on the web site, and was impressed with the lack of snobbery sometimes associated with high-end niche fragrance houses. If anyone else has had the chance to try these, tell us what you think!

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    Default Re: Strange Invisible Perfumes...or just "strange"

    I'm glad you had a good experience with them. I went out to their store in Venice (CA) to try one of the scents that had been recommended to me, and while the scent was nice, I was in the store 15 minutes while the SA prattled on into his cell phone on what was obviously a personal call, never once even prying his Nokia away from his ear long enough to acknowlege my existence or say "I'll be right with you". I finally left.

    I decided that Strange Invisible Perfumes could stay invisible and that I would continue to buy from ScentBar and Barney's, where they are willing to take my money.


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    Default Re: Strange Invisible Perfumes...or just "strange"

    $185. For a QUARTER OZ.??? Yeah, right. So to get a normal 100ml bottle is what? $2400?
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    Default Re: Strange Invisible Perfumes...or just "strange"

    I know alot of women really like this line...but I have to say....I'm on the side of just strange.
    A few worked for me.......but the rest were foul on me......I think probably many open with some awkward odd smelling notes and may dry down beautifully but i was too turned off to wait...LOL

    And of course the prices are off putting for sure!

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    Default Re: Strange Invisible Perfumes...or just "strange"

    Badass flash website.... very cool. $185 for 1/4 ounce.... not as cool. They might as well be invisible to me ;D

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