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    Default Shiseido - Feminité du Bois

    Well, maybe the topic should read "Feminite du Bois" since that is what it says on the bottle, MY bottle. To my huge suprise I just found a bottle of this gem (I used to hate it, but grew to love it) in the small town I live in, a town certainly not famous for it's perfume stores...

    There was only a tester bottle and a few in perfume concentration and some skin milk of some kind. I almost got upset now when I actually find it at a price that wouldn't be the ridiculous price Ebay usually has to offer, there are no bottles for me! The stores never ever sell their tester bottles here, it has just never happened. The SA's talked to each other about it and how they have been trying to get a hold of it to no avail. I just gently asked them "You don't sell your tester bottles do you?" with sad puppy eyes. The older lady, who is familiar with my passion for scents, asked the other one what the retail price was on the bottle. After some thinking she asked me if 300SEK ($40) would be ok with me? And I gladly payed... The bottle is full! Maybe 1/10 MAX has left the 50ml bottle. I just can't believe it...

    I know there are some die hard fans of this juice here on Basenotes. So super smooth and well blended that it is just down right amazing. This is one scent where I have trouble keeping the different notes apart.

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    Default Re: Shiseido - Feminité du Bois

    BIG congrats for your find, Shifts!

    I love FdB, too, bought mine in Tallinn, Estonia (it's not available in Finland). The Too Heavenly Body Cream is incredible.
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Shiseido - Feminité du Bois

    Congrats!!! beautiful scent.

    Be sure to sample the Bois series of the Palais Royal (Lutens) if you get the chance, they are 4 variations on FDB, each highlighting a different aspect.
    All great.

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    Default Re: Shiseido - Feminité du Bois

    If anyone's interested, Perfumebay sells a new bottle for $65:

    Looks like a bargain to me...

    Oh, and I forgot the best part of that story above. After I purchased the perfume I went to another store to get a sweater. I tried it on in the store, bought it and went to a third store to get a pair of new jeans. While trying out those my girlfriend asked me where I put the small bag with the perfume and I replied that it should be in the big plastic bag, since I put it there. "It is not here", she replied. I ran out of the store, head over heals, putting on my own jeans leaving the ones I just tried out still inside the booths (dunno the name for those) behind. Ran through the streets and I could clearly feel the smell if my broken Shiseido bottle on the ground. In the store there was no sign of the small bag or the bottle and I kind of panicked. Asked the sales woman and luckily she has my perfume under their counter. Someone very kind noticed how I left it behind in their booths after I had tried the sweater on. Oh my, I was starting to hate myself because of me being so clumpsy.

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    Default Re: Shiseido - Feminité du Bois


    I love feminite du bois.....
    Strangely enough I find Miller et Bertaux's #1 Parfum Trouve......very similar.

    A good substitute when FdB is unavailable in the States.....thankfully its now available again on the discount websites. *

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