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    Default Victor & Rolf for Men.

    From WWD

    After last year's Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb the Dutch fashion designer duo (and L'Oreal) will launch in September a fragrance for men.

    The fragrance and it's name will be unveiled and an event in June in New York. Singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright who V&R dress for his June Judy Garland tribute concert at NY's Carnegie Hall, is said to be involved with the fragrance. How exactly will be revealed in June.

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    Default Re: Victor & Rolf for Men.

    Thanks for the info, Ced.

    I like Rufus Wainwright so this sounds very interesting... I hope it's not too...oh... "campy". Still, it sounds like a must sample for sure.

    As much as I think Rufus is really talented, his sister Martha is amazing as well. Her self titled debut album is wonderful. I listen to it all the time. She has such a unique, sexy voice.

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    Default Re: Victor & Rolf for Men.

    Thanks Cedric!
    Hoping it will be another successful explosion like flowerbomb.
    I look forward to try it!

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    Default Re: Victor & Rolf for Men.

    Thanks Cedric.

    I also agree that Martha, rather than Arthur (oh, alright then, Rufus), gets my music vote.

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    Default Re: Victor & Rolf for Men.

    Ya know ...this is a launch that I am fearful of.... :-?

    Flowerbomb is just so heady and in your face I am afraid to think what the follow up from V&R will be for men....

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