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Thread: Can't decide..

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    Default Can't decide..

    I can't decide which of these to get. Any opinions? Which is the best one, for a first shot?

    I'm young (20).

    Armand Basi Homme, Armand Basi, 2000
    Visit, Azzaro, 2003
    Bois du Portugal, Creed, 1987
    Millésime Impérial, Creed, 1995
    Francesco Smalto pour Homme, Francesco Smalto, 1987
    John Varvatos, John Varvatos, 2004
    Individuel, Mont Blanc, 2003
    Nicole Miller for Men, Nicole Miller, 1994
    360 Degrees Red for Men, Perry Ellis, 2003
    Signature pour Homme, ST Dupont, 2000

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    Default Re: Can't decide..

    I think that MI is a great fragrance in general and would work with your age. It is a very well liked fragrance and I would first suggest that one. The second would be John Varvatos. It is a vanilla/leather smell in its base and I find it quite pleasing (my GF does too ). Those are my thoughts on that list.

    If I were you, I would just go smell them one at a time. I made the mistake of buying everyone that I kinda liked. Well now I have a lot that I need to get rid of. I would take my time and really think about it. You may not even like any of those enough to buy one so just make sure you really want a bottle...


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    Default Re: Can't decide..

    I've heard good things about Signature, it seems to be a good, first shot cologne, and it's inexpensive. I don't think you would like Francesco Smalto(but what do I know), it's very heavy on the wood. If you like sweetness in colognes you won't find it in Smalto.

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    Default Re: Can't decide..

    I don't know if you've tried these or not but here are a few thoughts on the ones I'm familiar with:

    Visit, Azzaro, Has a lot of movement for an interesting variety of aromas--excellent wood in the mid notes--very good price
    Bois du Portugal, V. Expensive. Great fragrance even as young as you are, you might do well with this because you like something as distinctive as Ungaro III
    Millésime Impérial, Creed, Expensive and excellent. Hard to go wrong with this if you can afford it. Some people have longevity issues with it.
    Francesco Smalto pour Homme, Great fragrance--you have a good chance of liking it because of UIII. Very inexpensive.
    John Varvatos, Very good. Youthful. Classy
    Nicole Miller for Men, Are you sure you can find this one? It's discontinued and getting to be quite expensive.
    Signature pour Homme, The price is going up fast on this one too because it's discontinued--you'ld probably like it because its distinctive

    You have some excellent choices there.

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    Default Re: Can't decide..

    If i were you, I'd pick S.T. Dupont Signature! It's an amazing fragrance. Spicy and sweet with an incredible incense note! A great oriental indeed: and It's easy to wear!

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    Default Re: Can't decide..

    I suggest MI off your list.

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    Default Re: Can't decide..

    Here's my preliminary ranking, based on feedback from people:

    Armand Basi Homme
    Nicolle Miller
    millesime I
    360 red

    What should I change?

    Since BdP is so expensive, this would suggest that I first try Armand Basi... Is this a bad move?

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    Default Re: Can't decide..

    Well of the ones I know:

    Visit- great... woody, peppery, musky and strong. Of all of your options I would choose this for fall and winter. Also try M7.

    MI- very natural and fruity smelling, but not in a cheesy AdG or KC Reaction choice for summer out of your options. Only problem is the longevity--pathetic for something this expensive.

    Individuel- Too sweet, very cloying, smells out of place just about everywhere. This may sound weird, but i think Dior Homme would make a substitute for this one.

    360 Red- If you have the choice and the money, get MI over this, hands down.

    If you want something cheaper than MI and better than 360 Red and with better longevity than both, Davidoff Echo is a great choice.
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