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    Default Issey Miyake BLEUE

    quick question, no need to type out an explanation, but most of the reviews I read some of them mention whether a frag is a preferred summer or winter wear.

    I am not sure if Issey Miyake Bleue is winter or summer. i've smelled it and i love it, but i need a winter frag since my wardrobe is full of summer frags and i live in a city where summer only lasts 3 months.

    so the question is, winter? summer? all year?

    thank you.

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    Default Re: Issey Miyake BLEUE

    I think of it as a winter fragrance.
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    Default Re: Issey Miyake BLEUE

    CY - call me on this one.


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    Default Re: Issey Miyake BLEUE

    the spicy - herbal notes in this is simply amazing and unique... i really like this fragance and i could say that currently is one of my top 5. Bleue is not a summer fragance, but it works great for evenings..

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