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    Default Girls and "Gourmands"

    First off, I want to say... like many basenoters, I don't feel as though other people's perceptions of my fragrances dictate what I wear or decide to purchase but I would be lying if I said that compliments from attractive members of the opposite gender did not have any influence whatsoever on my decisions..

    That being said, upon reading a myriad of basenotes messages singing the praces of fragrances like "L'instant" and "Rive Gauche" I am perplexed by the completely different reactions I have had with these scents among other highly regarded fragrances on this particular site. I know that we can chalk up a lot to skin chemistry and so on... but it leaves me wondering a few things. First of all, is age group a factor? For example, I am a 29 year old male and as a result many of the girls that I pursue or pursue me are of similar age range... Secondly, I live in Ottawa Canada, where traditionally we have very long and cold winters and moderately warm and humid summers.. is that a factor?

    Interestingly, when it comes to the opposite sex.. I find that the best reactions I receive are not from the more complex and impressive fragrances, but often... the more linear simplistic sweet scents.. In my fragrance cabinet.. i have a shelf devoted to gourmand scents.. and I find that without question... those are the ones that seem to be appealing to the girls the most... where as scents like Rive Gauche, and L'instant <despite the fact that I adore them> always encite comments of "Old Man" or "musty and stuffy"....

    Below I have listed the fragrances that elicit the best and worst responses, and you can see directly how in some respects it contrasts completely with the tastes of a lot of basenoters... which isn't a bad thing, but more intriguing and worthy of dicussion than anything else..

    For the record, I am a designer frag wearer.. not really into the Niche scents at the moment, so for those of you..who have no interest in reading about my "unrefined and unimpressive" frag can stop right here..

    scents that get the thumbs up.

    1) Boss Soul <considered a basenotes flop, but girls I know adore this>
    2) A*Men
    3) Rochas Man
    4) Xeryus Rouge
    5) Burberry Brit
    6) Le Male
    7) Lolita Lempicka
    8) Obsession for Men <oriental, but still in the sweet type realm>
    9) Envy <basenoters were bang on with this one!>
    10) Magnetism/Sentiment by Escada
    11) Boss Bottled

    scents that get the emphatic thumbs down

    1) Rive Gauche <considered sex in a bottle by many basenoters>
    2) L'instant by Guerlain <i love the smell, but I get geezer comments>
    3) Kenzo PH <highly regarded frag here, gags the ladies I know>
    4) Gucci PH <you smell like "church" anthony..>
    5) M7 <this one surprises me, completely..>
    6) Visit
    7) Dolce & Gabanna PH

    I'm not sure if it's cultural, if it can be attributed to age rage, class status, skin chemistry, shoe size.. juggling technique, etc. etc etc.. but in my experience anyway.. positive reaction by others <which again, isn't the primary factor, but one that I can't ignore completely> is heavily in the weight of the sweeter, foodier fragrances... and some choice orientals as well... woodsier or fresher scents, do not seem to go over as well.. I was just wondering what other people's experiences were regarding such?

    Thanks for reading.


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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Each time the variant of "What Scents do Chicks dig" thread comes up, the same answer is generally the final word. Much like with men, all women are different. They like different things. Personal taste has no strict guidelines it follows regarding demographics. Therefore, the answer is it's impossible to make broad spectrum stereotypes about people's tastes as they vary too much.

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Well, Paul G....

    Thank you for your prickly response to a thread that I put a "lot" of effort into creating.. and for the record, if trends had no efficacy then Sociology and research surrounding it, would not even exist.. I was clearly speaking from my "own" experiences.. and for the record, a thread like this.. is no less stereotypical than a "chicks dig rive gauche thread"

    And for the record, my post was about more than "chicks digging it".. my post was about the interesting contrast in what OTHER basenoters consider appealing to the opposite gender and what my own reactions have been.. and the distance between both.

    go have a cup of coffee or something.


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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    why do some girls like some scents and some like others... well it's a combination of whether or not she inherently likes the frag or if she likes the person wearing the frag thus causing her to like the frag, your personality, your looks, your skin chemistry, whether she is attracted to you, whether your frag suits you, her mood, your mood, if she has good/bad memories associated with the frag, the weather, the occasion, etc etc etc etc etc...

    i suppose maybe in general, the younger the girl, the simpler her tastes will be (perhaps leaning towards the lighter sweeter ones and away from the heavy overtly-masculine ones). but like all stats, it's only meaningful for huge groups. it's pretty much useless when you try to apply it to any particular person.

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Quote Originally Posted by nearfantastica
    Well, Paul G....

    Thank you for your prickly response to a thread that I put a "lot" of effort into creating.. and for the record, if trends had no efficacy then Sociology and research surrounding it, would not even exist.. I was clearly speaking from my "own" experiences.. and for the record, a thread like this.. is no less stereotypical than a "chicks dig rive gauche thread"

    And for the record, my post was about more than "chicks digging it".. my post was about the interesting contrast in what OTHER basenoters consider appealing to the opposite gender and what my own reactions have been.. and the distance between both.

    go have a cup of coffee or something.

    As we're discussing prickly responses..... You're right, the post was more than just "do chicks dig it" thus the word "variant" being used. If you have any further comments for me, use PM. *

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Hey a, first of all i think age is definitely a factor somewhat. Younger girls tend not to compliment me on the traditional frags, and just like you said, if i wear those i tend to get the "you smell like an old man" and that type of responses. But it also depends on the person, some girls are exposed to different culture, different education level and different lifestyle in general, so definitely some have different tastes than others, but based on my personal experience i've never found a person that liked stuff such as Rive Gauche, M7, Havana and the like. I totally agree wtih you on some of the choices and gourmands in particularly. This smelly category is also well liked among the group of ladies that i know including my own girlfriend. This is especially the case with Rochas Man, Le Male, Boss Bottled, Body Kouros and Pi. These are widely accepted gourmands in general, and out of these i'm a big fan of Rochas man and Body Kouros myself. No one has ever complimented me on the A*men however, and when i wore Magnetism i've been told that i smelled like a girl . And i was told i smelled old and like their fathers while wearing Envy a few times . Of course, the hype on basenotes often do not represent the public in general and again it leads to subjective matters. So frags like Rive Gauche and M7 would never be sex in a bottle or personal favorites in my books, but nontheless it's interesting to hear the arrays of opinions from other Noters on them and their experiences with them.

    Second topic, is on niche grounds. Niche frags i find to be hard to wear in public due to their uniqueness, at least in most cases. And certainly most people surrounding me are not fans of almost all niche i've owned and tried. However some Creeds such as MI, SMW, GIT, Himalaya and Erolfa are loved by most girls i know, and also very few L'Artisans. Some Creeds i understand are the closet things to mainstream-smelling frags, but with better qualities and higher price tags, thus i think they are more accepted by the general public. Other niche lines such as MPG, Lutens, LV and the like are really hard to wear and i've often received weird responeses from people. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the fact that i really just wear them(regardless of niche or not) for my personal enjoyment and can care less what others think. And just because you dont like niche doesn't mean your taste is unrefined or unimpressive, this is purely a subjective matter once again. Whether your taste is unrefined or unimpressive i find irrelevant to your fragrance choices. To me everyone's nose is refined and impressive if they can find fragrances that they truly like and can appreciate. Throughout my fragrance adventures, i still like popular ones such as D&G PH and Polo Blue, and despise some Lutens and LV. I dont think that makes my nose unrefined or unimpressive, it's strictly a peronal choice. But i collect these rare genres because they are unique and add varities to my collection, and also help me to discover different notes and the distinctions between their usage.

    Anyway, compliments are definitely a big plus, but i wear whatever i wanna wear and go out there as if i've just won the lottery.

    Current top 5:
    1. Puredistance M
    2. Kilian Apple Brandy
    3. Amouage Fate Man
    4. Andrea Maack Coven
    5. Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    I agree with you, I know that most girls love Polo Sport( a flop with basenoters), Polo Blue, Armani Mania, Boss Bottled, Angel Man-most of them told me it depends who wears this, Higher Energy Dior, Bulgari Aqua, Bulgari Blu Notte.
    Top faves: Aramis Devin,Balenciage PH,Zino Davidoff,Trussardi Uomo,BlackXS,Sybaris,Furyo,HoHangClub,Santos Sport,KriziaSpazio,CarverVetiverDry,GIT,AmberSulta n,TeaForTwo,Dzing.
    My drobe:

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    There is, I suggest, something to be learned from the responses of women and girls to fragrances worn by men other than the fact that they are all different. It is that the woman or girl in question will not necessarily accept the first thing to be learned.

    Which probably tells you something about the woman or girl in question.

    So I guess that's three things. I find only the third one to be of any practical significance, though.


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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Personally i don't think that there's anything inherently wrong with "colognes chicks dig" threads, simply because in evolutionary terms were all here for survival & replication. There's nothing worng with guys trying to increase their understanding of female preferences for smells, if they reason that this will increase chances of attracting (or not repelling) a mate. Regardless of how small the cologne variable might is a factor, not a major one...but nevertheless. And lets face it, what hetrosexual man wishes to be told by women that he smells terrible...even if he's well centred and not seeking approval?!

    Here's my take...i think girls (of which age group i'm mainly referring to 16-30) in general tend to like: no patricular order

    A) Fresh & clean (eg. Cool Water, Geir, Acqua Di Gio).
    B) Citrussy scents (eg. L'eau d'Issey, Clinique Happy etc.).
    B) Gourmands. (eg. Lempicka, Rochas Man, JPG Le Male).


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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Quote Originally Posted by ryydman
    Personally i don't think that there's anything inherently wrong with "colognes chicks dig" threads, simply because in evolutionary terms were all here for survival & replication.
    there's nothing inherently wrong with it. it's just that this type of topic pops up over and over and over again, and the threads all end up being random lists of frags. so now we usually just refer ppl to the FAQ and the million old threads on the subject.

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    I do not put any stock in reading what fragrances the opposite sex like. Who are mebers of the opposite sex? For a teen guy, a member of the opposite sex is a teen gal. For a mid-20's guy, most likely a mid-20's gal. For a guy my age, probably a middle age gal etc. etc.

    I seriously doubt if a lady around my age would say that I smell like an old man if I wear L'instant. Or Caron Pour Un Homme for that matter. But maybe a teen gal would say that to a teen guy because the scent reminded her of what her dad wore. Or maybe not if her dad wore Aramis or one of those type fragrances.

    It's interesting to see Dolce Gabbana PH get the thumbs down. I thought that this was the big "clubbing" scent (I don't know since I don't go "clubbing&quot. This is "the" scent to turn women on over at Perfume Emporium.

    That's why the whole idea of what turns on the opposite sex is meaningless to me.

    And, to me, the idea of age and fragrance is completely absurd.

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    I actually have found that most women like the familiar. Especially the younger girls (15-25) like the "popular scents", the ones where half the guys at their school wore it, or their best friend said it smells good, or their crush wore. Hence the popularity of Cool Water, Acqua Di Gio, etc etc. To them, popular = good.

    Once you get to an older age group (20-30, there's some overlap) girls tend to focus more on "smelling good/clean/fresh" and sometimes get broadsided by "smells totally different from anyone else..." (Kouros).

    On your list, I see some frags that I would switch in position. L'Instant has only gotten compliments for me, same with M7 and D&G. Le Male and A*Men get the thumbs-down... But that can also be due to the hot and humid climate, and the general Asian culture where it's better to smell fresh than like dessert. (They LOVE Brit though)

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Girls do love gourmands. A*Men gets awesome responses. The truth is though that girls like MOST fragrances. Some things to keep in mind though: Some bets are safer than others. Like Ryd said, fresh/clean frags are good because they smell, well, fresh, and are just plain hard to dislike (Geir, Chrome, Bulgari Aqua, and TM Cologne are some good examples of what work). Gourmands generally work, but aren't as safe as fresh scents because there is always the chance that a girl will find it weird that you smell like chocolate or some other food. As for ones that are less youthful (though not necessarily old smelling), these work pretty damn well too, but require the lightest application. Envy, though sweet, also has woods and spices, and definately isn't gourmand. Envy is magical, which you seem to have recognized. Santal by Floris, which is a lot like Envy though less woody, also gets good responses. I think girls really like spicy, woody frags as long as they aren't too strong, because then they become overwhelming. It is interesting that girls dislike Rive on you. I don't say that because girls like it on me (I've never worn it except for a sample once) but because of the rave it gets here. Try a really light application and see what happens. I really want to give Rive some full wearings and see what the hype is all about. After I do so I'll definately get back to you. As for what to do... maybe wear the ones you really enjoy (whether it be gourmand or otherwise) most of the time and when you're really fiending for some action or going clubbin or something throw on a gourmand. The only problem here is that guys are fiending for action almost all of the time.

    p.s.- I understand that you were frustrated when Paul didn't give you the response you were looking for, but I think a more diplomatic approach would have been better. Paul is a very good poster, and a nice guy, and thus I really doubt that he meant to give you an incomplete or unsatisfactory answer.

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    I guess the purpose of my original post wasn't all that clear. I appreciate people's feedback about their own expeiriences with "attracting the opposite" gender with fragrances.. but my attempt was more to highlight how interesting perception can be from one person to the next... hence the love affair with Rive Gauche vs. my own horrific experiences with that scent.

    Secondly, I never intended to insinuate that "all girls" from any cohort will like a particular fragrance. But whether people like to admit it, there are trends in the study of demographics.. girls of a certain age range will "generally speaking" purchase a different type of clothing, watch different kinds of movies than say a lady in her "mid forties" <once again, generally speaking>. Being in Social Work, I am the first to emphasize individuality and difference.. but I have to admit that discussing these trends fascinates me to no end.. For example.. the aforementioned polar opposite reactions to Rive Gauche..

    This thread was never really intended to be a "what scent do chicks dig" topic.. but more of an in depth discussion of "why" for example.. when worn on me.. Le Male seems to incite great response.. as asked previously.. is it skin chemistry.. personality? For example.. speaking purely aesthetically.. some people look stunning in blue..others drab.. so can we say the same thing for fragrances? Not even taking skin chemistry into account.. is it the fragrances ability to compliment the personality or outward projection of the individual wearing it? Sure it depends on the women or people you are exposed to.. but when I've been wearing a particular scent for years.. and overwhelmingly, I am stopped..complimented, questioned on a particular fragrance.. there is something more there than coincidence.. do any of you find any particular frags that are an extension of your own personalities?? Scents that match you so completely well... that they almost feel like a natural pheremone?

    I may have been harsh in regard to my response to Paul G.... and I apologize for that, but at the same time.. it was frustrating that my attempts to start some pretty meaningful discussion were chalked up to simply "another lame post, by someone looking to land chicks with scent" because that is far from what I was trying to accomplish...

    I can't help it.. I am fascinated by peoples reactions to stimuli around them.. Like I mentioned previously, it's not in some self-concious looking to please everyone kind of way.. more of a curiousity than anything...

    Hope this makes things a little clearer, and hopefully we can engage in discussion beyond the whole "girls are individual, there is no point to looking into this" (because that should go without saying) and for those who feel that this thread is just another one of those.. just don't respond.. that simple....

    Anyhow, thanks..


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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    I think Paul is just annoyed by these "what woman wants?", "Panty-dropping scents" or "how to get a girl to bite you" threads. ;D I mean, if you stay on this board long enough, you will get tired of reading the same old thing over and over again. Members can easily search through the board for threads like these without having to start a new one.

    Lets be honest, all newcomers here are searching for the holy grail - the ultimate love potion. I am not called 'eau de amour' for nothing. : Once you get into this hobby, you wear scents for yourself - you can't please everyone but you know how to please yourself.

    Getting into the question: we are all different, we love different things, theres no absolute - woman have preferences just like men. I will repeat myself, fragrance is meant to compliment your persona, not compensate for what you haven't got.

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    Default Re: Girls and "Gourmands"

    Okay, on a "why" level--pure speculation on my part (and I'll probably suffer for it), I would guess that what younger women like would have more to do with familiarity--and a more experienced woman would be more captivated by uniqueness and exclusivity. Perhaps because the younger person isn't as sure of herself. It gives her a sense of security to encounter that which she recognizes as "good" ie. "clean" and "sweet."

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