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    Default 6-inch spray and the 1-inch spray

    Well *I used to spray very near my wrist so that the juice will not go wasted

    But with my staying with basenoters, I got informed that *we should spray a little farther away to produce a better result.
    SO I tried today Bvlgari ph. Amazing ! I can easily catch the tea note which I failed to notice ever before!
    It seems the nearer spray has changed atomizer to "splash"which is a concentrated way of applying. But the 6-inch away spray is really "natural spray". It unfolds more layers of the frag. But the downside of it is that I have to spray more times which could cause overapplying which is bad while I used to rub the concentrated drop to the other wrist and then the neck.
    My question is *why the 6-inch spray and the 1-inch spray makes the same bottle smells differetly?? Can somebody tell me pls??

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    Default Re: 6-inch spray and the 1-inch spray

    A 6-inch spray is much more diffuse than a one-inch spray. Because of the larger area, the alcohol and lighter scent components will evaporate faster, meaning they are much more easy to smell. This comes with a trade-off, though- the scent won't last quite as long because it evaporates faster overall. A one-inch spray will last longer, but you won't be able to smell as much of it, and it won't be nearly as dynamic as a more distant spray.

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    Default Re: 6-inch spray and the 1-inch spray

    DAMN, I never new this....Although, now that I think of it....
    This is how I went from HATING to LOVING BdP
    Very interesting indeed.

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    Default Re: 6-inch spray and the 1-inch spray

    This is the same reason that I can never trust what I think about a scent the first time i smell it by a wrist or paper trial. They always smell differently on my chest with the oil and further spray. I usually notice that scents that have a bitter note anywhere in them are made more friendly with the 6 inch. Too bad there's no way around this when using a scent out of a sample vial.

    Btw, when you guys sample on your wrist, do you normally spray a little, but very close of the wrist or just go for the full 6 inch spray and waste all that juice?
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    Default Re: 6-inch spray and the 1-inch spray

    This is so weird......because i am the exact opposite. Scents I love applied via rollon or sample vial, I hate when I spray on. I always feel suffocated by the scent. I just like tiny amounts of scent applied truly just for me.....I rarely spray anything on me! and when I do its gingerly!

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