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    Default Help to identify (almost a puzzle ;-)


    I am little embarrassed to ask, by decided to ask anyway.
    Trying to track down one fragrance I had many (7-8) years ago.
    I was shopping in Gilroy Premium Outlets and in one of perfume shop. I was talking to sales (ex Russian lady) and she was VERY knowledgeable, so I tested quite a bit of interesting scents. It seemed that she was so overwhelmed with knowledge and just wanted to show all her stuff to somebody who has actual educated interest. Finally, I got one bottle of EDT, which Iíve used up since that time. Unfortunately, I do not remember what that was. All I can say it was produced in Spain and had very dark green matte bottle. It is fat shaped cylinder may be bottom was little bit narrower but not significantly with rounded shoulders and converged to the neck like under 45 (or even less) degrees, with gold plated sprayer. My sample did not have a cap (I got tester).

    Sure it is foggy description, but who knows, may be it can strike somebody. Huh?

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    Default Re: Help to identify (almost a puzzle ;-)

    Probably Esencia Loewe

    Current top 5:
    1. Puredistance M
    2. Kilian Apple Brandy
    3. Amouage Fate Man
    4. Andrea Maack Coven
    5. Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese

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    Default Re: Help to identify (almost a puzzle ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by HackerX
    Probably Esencia Loewe

    WOW! Yes, that's it!
    HackerX you are a champion!
    Now I know why you have your nickname ;-)

    Thanks a lot. What a place BaseNotes and what a people here are!

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