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    Default Went to Le Labo today.

    Le Labo is a new perfumery in New York, It's concept is very unique, they have 3 men's scents, 3 womens, 3 unisex, and 1 childs scent.
    All ingredients come from Grasse, and all scents are composed by top noses in the industry, but the most unusual aspect is that they will mix the "maturated" perfume base with alcohol and water right in front of you. The label will say, compounded for(your name). The date, and expiration date (a year from the date of purchase).
    I loved three of the scents.
    Rose 31 for men, which is Rose, cumin, lots of wood, and I also detect an animalic accord. by the way, the 31 stands for number of ingredients used.

    Neroli 36 unisex, wich is neroli, a very bright aldehedic note, I also detected musc. Very solar floral, that got better as the day wore on, kind of like eau de new york, by bond no9, but this scent is of much better quality.

    Patchouli 24 unisex, this was the surprise from the line, This scent hits you like a ton of bricks, notes are birch, styrax, patchouli( which was drowned out)...this one is real loud, in a wonderfull sort of way.

    I went for the rose scent, which is the most masculine, and spicy rose I've ever smelled. But will soon return to buy the other two.
    The staff was most helpfull, and not into the hard sell, I also recommend stepping out of the store, and smelling, and wearing the scents outside, before shelling out hard cash for these gems. they unfortunetly do not have samples, and are not cheap (more expensive than FM). I do not recommend buying these blind.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    How expensive are they and where in NY is this place?? I'm a NY native and would love to make a visit to this place before I go back to school. I love Rose scents but I don't like when there is a dominant spicey note. I love Neroli though and would like to try both of those. Thanks for the info ;D.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    233 Elizabeth street.
    45.00 for 15ml.
    115.00 50ml
    180.00 100ml

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Did you try Iris and Fleurs d'Oranger ? Either or both wearable by a man ? And have you tried SL's Iris Silver Mist ? If so, can you compare/contrast the SL version and the Le Labo version ? I bought Rose, Neroli, FdO, and Patchouli blind and they are in transit. I am an adventurous pareson aren't I ???

    I understand Rose is their best seller (to men) so far. I believe they've only been open about a month.


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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    I thought I was bad!
    They are all great!! let me know how you like them.
    FDO, is very similar to SL's, but better.
    Iris is nice, but I was already confused as to which to buy.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Can I find the info about Le Labo, their scents, and info about those `top noses` in the web?
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    They will have the website up in a few weeks.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Sounds like really exciting stuff, can't wait for their website to be up and running.
    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

    Roja Dove
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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Does anyone know what kind of oil concentration they use? Are the finished products EDT's or EDP's? Thanks for any info.

    Currently wearing: Genre by Edward Bess

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    HOLY smokes....I've been reading about this place....Sounds like something I'd like to try out...
    I'm assuming they will eventually have samples to order....I don't see gong to New York just for these...
    Who knows though. ;D

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

    Roja Dove
    Currently wearing: Apple Brandy by By Kilian

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    I just received my order from Le Labo. The website is not yet up but the URL is (should be live by the end of the week). You can email the owners Fabrice and Edouard at and Tel is 212-219-2230 and fax is 212-219-2231.

    I ordered Rose31, Patchouli24, and Fleurs d'Oranger27. The numerals in the "name" identify the number of fragrance elements used in the composition. I also was fortunate enough to receive a small sample of Iris39 and Ambrette9.

    I'll only post a brief description of each as I need more time to develop more thoughts.

    First, Fleurs d'Oranger is a true representation of orange flower. It is exactly as the blossom smells on the tree. Of all the orange flower fragrances I have sniffed this is the truest representation of the flower. I love it.

    Second, Rose is a spicy, woody concoction with just a bit of Rose on the background. The Rose seems to pop up now and again but it's not the dominant feel of this one. This is very masculine but soft. It is very nice. I am told it is their most popular fragrance for men.

    Third, Patchouli. Now this is an interesting fragrance. I get notes of wood, smoke, leather, and burned rubber. It is a bit like SMN's P'eau d'Espagne but not quite as strong and not as off putting. This is very nice and quite unique. Definitely a cooler weather fragrance for me but very distinctive.

    The Ambrette is meant to be a child's fragrance and is a fairly straight ambrette seed (similar to pear) smell. It is water based and fairly short lived. Iris is fantastic. It is similar to SL's Iris Silver Mist in that it plays with the woody elements of the Iris root but it also has a bit of mild sweetness. I still prefer the metallic edge of SL's version but this one is very nice and definitely something I would recommend for a man. It is a very nice twist on Iris and also very unique.

    I also have Neroli on the way and a sample of Jasmine and Vetiver so I'll post my impressions of those once I receive them (likely tomorrow).

    All in all this is a great new company. I am glad to see an American Company that can finally compete with European niche houses like Malle, Lutens, etc.

    I do believe that Eddie and Fabrice are working on a "discovery set" which would likely include a nice sample of each fragrance in their line.


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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    In case anyone is interested, I found out from Fabrice at Le Labo that all of the fragrances are EDP's and the website will be online next week.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Guys, Thanks a lot for the info!
    I found some more in Nowsmellthis blog...

    Why nobody tested their Vetiver yet??
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    I tried the Vetiver, it was unique, but not one of my favorites.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    I would agree in general. The Vetiver is very high quality and a lovely fragrance but not quite as unique as others. Also, while it is Vetiver it also is rounded off with some other woodsy/smokey notes that subdue the "bite" of pure Vetiver. In that regard it is a bit of a twist. Whether or not you like this is personal preference.

    I just received Neroli and it is fantastic. It is a mildly floral/sweet/salty composition that reminds me of skin after exposure to the sun. It's very good for summer and wears very close to the skin. It is somewhat reminiscent of Jil Sander's Sun fragrance. Really wonderful !!! This and Patchouli are my two personal favorites from the line.


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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    I'm headed to Miami tomorrow, but as soon as I get back, I'm going to get 100mls of Neroli. and 50mls of patchouli.....Love the Rose tho.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Fabrice has told me that the website should be up and running on Wednesday 5 April. I just can't wait!
    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

    Roja Dove
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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Stopped by Le Labo this afternoon. Left very impressed, not just by the scents but by the whole aesthetic they're cultivating. Very friendly, accomodating staff, and the boutique itself is very much geared towards "olfactory education", for lack of a better term. They have big glass jars on the floor with raw ingredients in them to sniff (tonka beans, oakmoss, cloves, incense, iris root, etc. etc.), and many different glass jars behind their "lab" bar with oils in them. Since they have the scents they sell already maturated, the raw notes are there just for show, and if you're interested they'll take them out and let you sniff them to get to know the notes.

    For the most part, the scents themselves are pretty great. The neroli is fantastic, with a nice marine note that gives a great sunny feel to it. The patcholi starts out wild and rough, with a blast of smokiness and birch, but quickly settles down with some creamy vanilla coming in. I'd say it reminds me a lot of the diptyque John Galliano candle. I smell basically no patchouli in it at all. They had tester strips that had been dipped earlier in the day so you could smell the scents after they'd dried down a bit, and that's how I figured the Rose wasn't for me. It starts out nice, with an interesting spicy rose that's pretty unique, but there's serious cumin in the drydown which I didn't care for. As for the vetiver, maybe it's just my inexperienced nose, but it seemed absolutely identical to CDG2MAN, and not that exciting. The Ciste is pretty great - I can see the Musc Ravageur comparisons, but it's a little less in-your-face than MR.

    They've got a pretty extensive line of products. The scents are available in giant sizes as well (500ml for 600 bucks and 1 litre (!) for $900). You can get what they call a "perfuming balm", which comes in a 10ml airtight plastic canister for $80...I assume this is a higher concentration than their other scents, but I didn't ask. The assistant helping me also told me they're doing a line of candles and home sprays ($55 and $70 respectively). The only candle they have now is a sandalwood candle, but if it's any sign of things to come, it's very promising. It's got that amazing, meditative sandalwood scent ala Tam Dao. Apparently they've got a fig candle in the works, amongst others. Curiously, they list on the little brochure available in the store a "Dictionary of olfaction" for sale, for $390. Not sure what that could be.

    Finally, if you really want to throw down, as people have mentioned, they'll do a custom fragrance for you. $40,000 gets you "3 to 6 months with one of the world's best noses". Just reminds you you're in new york...

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Excellent write up PNYC! Oh how I wished that I lived in NYC just to be able to visit Le Labo. I'm sure that it would quickly become my 2nd home.
    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

    Roja Dove
    Currently wearing: Apple Brandy by By Kilian

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.


    -Bergamote 22 for men - Daphne Bugey - bergamot, petitgrain, grapefruit, amber, musk and vetiver. REVIEW

    -Rose 31 for men - Daphne Bugey -Grasse rose, cumin, olibanum, cedar, amber, gaïac wood, cistus, and animalic notes. REVIEW

    -Vetiver 46 for men - Mark Buxton - Haitian vetiver, pepper, gaïac, labdanum, cedar, and olibanum. REVIEW REVIEW2

    -Neroli 36, unisex fragrance - Daphne Bugey - neroli, rose, musk, mandarin orange, jasmine and vanilla.

    -Fleur D’Oranger 27 a unisex fragrance - Françoise Caron - orange blossom, musk, bergamot, petit grain and lemon.

    -Patchouli 24 - Annick Menardo - patchouli, birch, and vanilla. REVIEW

    -Jasmin 17 for women - perfumer Maurice Roucel - jasmine, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. REVIEW

    -Iris 39 for women - Frank Voelkl, features iris and patchouli on a musky base.

    -Ciste 18 for women - Maurice Roucel - oriental notes,civet and castoreum REVIEW

    -Ambrette 9 is for babies -Ambrette grain, citrus and fruit.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Has anyone tried out all 9 ???
    Are the scents for "Women" feminine ?
    I usually like some scents that are marketed for "women" but are completely unisex.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    The Web is very original

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    The sampling program don't work to Europe > > > > > >
    My business partner might already have replied in which case I apologize for the double response.
    We don’t supply samples in Europe for the time being. This should be possible by the end of the year or early next year when we open a shop in Europe !
    Thank you for your interest and best regards
    Eddie Roschi
    I need a American friend

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Went to Le Labo again today, boy it was really hard picking out a scent.
    Decided on a small bottle of the Patchouli (this fragrance is really intense, I have to wear it to see if it works), but couldn't decide between the Neroli or fleur D'Oranger.
    They are both so similar, but I'm leaning towards FDO. I got a sample of FDO..will wear tomorrow.
    I'm wearing the Patchouli, It's KICKASS.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Just received them all...(except Patchouli)

    these are just my 1st impressions...

    FdO - Smells flowery and orangy ;D It is definitely unique...Smells OK to me.
    Neroli - I can barely smell it...hmmmm....I will definitely have to try this one again....for some reason when I sniff...I think of CSP's Aqua Motu...

    Iris - Initially spicy, very nice scent
    Jasmine - VERY good...I get Jasmine and Vanilla....with a little something else...thoug I don't recognize it...pretty good.

    Remember...These are my first impressions, so I'm sure they may be different tomorrow... ;D

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Ciste - Reminds me of Musc Ravageur...Not as spicy..."like the review said...dead on"
    not as much bite I'd say.

    Vetiver - WOW...I really Really like this one...nothing remarkable but it has a good feel/smell to it.

    Bergamotte - Really good the forst 5 minutes...then..just OK from 10-30 minutes...I'll update when I get further....I'll be giving the Rose a full day tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Went to Le Labo today.

    Count me as a HARD CORE fan of Le Labo.
    I own all but the Female marketed scents....
    But after sampling a few more times...It looks like I will be ordering these as well.
    Maybe this Fall...
    OH, the Candle is superb!

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