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    Default Thank you Basenoters

    I've been lurking here for a good half year but thought it was time to say thanks for the recommendations picked up thus far

    I received my first GIT a month back, and I've just received a nice big bottle of M7 Fresh in the post today and hey, it's going to be some competition between the two for regular day-wear. As much as I love the GIT, I've still been using Fahrenheit for evening wear, as it's been "my" scent for years, and people get upset when I try something different.. I think that the Fresh will change their minds though; this stuff is -seriously- nice.

    Other fragrances on the shelf are L'eau D'Issey, which has always been a bit headache inducing, even though I and others like it, Aramis (the 65 one) which I'm sure my Dad gave to me as a laugh; it might pass at a function down at the yacht club, but as occasions such as are few and far between for this humble bear, I think it'll stay on the shelf looking pretty for now.. and of course, Adidas Sport Fever! I'd never wear this out, but it's nice and fresh enough for a boring Sunday when you're fresh out of the shower, but unlikely to be doing anything more playing Oblivion or watching the football.

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    I'd like to start by saying WELCOME!! It is always a pleasure to see new members joining the boards.

    I like your recent choices. GIT and M7 Fresh are both two of my top colognes. They are so great for summer heat. Farenheit is also a good one. A bit green but still summery IMO. Even though you have just joined you already fell into the trap of being influenced by basenoters.


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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters


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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome to the madness, Biffo!
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Sincere welcome!!! And excellent taste!!

    winnie the pooh

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome. I think you are being far too dismissive of one of the best scents in anybody's collection - Aramis. It's a work of art, purely in terms of prodigious output alone. Trying to air my jumper out of Aramis, it kept my bedroom full of that fabulous Aramis smell for 4 or 5 days.

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters


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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome aboard and congratulations on your first post . What took you so long guy? .

    Anyway writing the first post is the first step to becoming a 5 star fragrance General. Are you up to the challenge .


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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters


    I agree with Renato about Aramis but to each his own.

    Watch you credit card!

    Welcome and enjoy.

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome aboard Mr. Bear,

    Glad to see you here amongst friends.
    Your wallet will soon be down to the " bear necessities"
    as a Walt Disney Jungle book Charicter once sung or
    sungded or singded or. Oh forget it. Just have fun.

    " I wanna have my kicks before the whole s--t house goes up in flames"

    Quote from Jim Morrison
    The Doors

    Please check out my sales thread. I'm downsizing my wardrobe
    Currently wearing: 1818 by Brooks Brothers

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome, and congrats on taking that first step from lurking to posting.

    I actually lurked for almost 2 years before I got the nerve to post anything, if you can believe it!

    anyway, you'll have fun sharing your thoughts here...

    Indie Guy

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Hey man!!!
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome aboard! .... I hope you have deep pockets.. :P

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Thanks everyone! Heh, I don't have deep pockets, but it's easy to get a bargain in the UK when you order stuff from the US (just as long as you don't get stung for customs charges - I've been lucky so far ).

    Re. Aramis.. well indeed, each to their own, but when I tried it again a few weeks ago just to see if there was any change in perception, I discovered that it was one of those that really lingers on my skin (in a nice way, I suppose). After three days of showering and hand washing, I could STILL smell it on my hand! I must admit that it smelled quite nice after a three day drydown, but it'd take a patient man to wait for that everytime he wore it

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters


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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome Biffo. In owning M7 Fresh you will already be the envy of at least half of the board!

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    Default Re: Thank you Basenoters

    Welcome, Boffo. Nice to have you around.

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