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    Default Talking Scents at Work

    Yesterday, I was really bored. I was talking to a girl I work with, who is an intern from the Netherlands. She asked me what I really wanted to do. I was telling her that I'm going to be getting a set of aromachemicals soon, and begin dabbling in perfumery. We were talking and then she said she was going to buy me a book. i asked the name of the book, and she wouldn't say. She said it was her favorite book, and that she had read it in German. I was perplexed... I forgot what else she said, but I realized she was talking about "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind! I've never read the book, but I've always wanted to. I couldn't believe this girl was a fan of this book. I hope she gets it for me, that would be cool!

    Today one of the waitresses I work with walked by. She smelled incredible. What she was wearing smelled alot like Hanae Mori (the men's). I asked what she was wearing and she said "Shalimar". WOW. I don't recall it smelling like this. I had thought of it more as old lady stuff. This girl is 20 and smells great in it. I wanted to bite her.

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    Default Re: Talking Scents at Work

    It's cute when girls do things like that. It also means that she probably likes you.

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    Default Re: Talking Scents at Work

    Wear some Rive Gauche tomorrow, maybe she'll bite you.

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    Default Re: Talking Scents at Work

    "Perfume" is a great, fascinating book - really a must have for every B`noter. Also, I`m sure we`re all awaiting for that movie to show up.
    Yeah, kind of suprising that this girl liked the book so much, because I understand it could be easily quite disturbing especially for the ladies. (after you`ve read it you`ll know what I mean)
    I`m not saying it`s a "men`s book", but still...

    Shalimar can be absolutely the best perfume ever made for women, but it can also be the very worst. It`s all about application here, actually more in this case than in any other scent I know. Of course, personality is another thing, it just doesn`t fit for everyone.

    Btw, do you think I`m grazy when I say that I`ve been thinking about M7 as an Shalimar for men(!?) Am I the only one who sees this resemblance? And I`m not saying that they are actually so similar, but the charachter and overall impression plays the same game. (Of course, Opium PH is somewhat similar too, which btw is just one more example of YSL`s quality to produce these characteristic colognes)

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    I work at a pool as a lifeguard so everyone smells like Marc Jacobs to me (sunscreen). My scents don't last and there is nothing scent related to look forward to. In school, however, there are girls everywhere who are smelling delicious. I smelled Lolita Lempicka just last week on a girl. She was wearing it in 80's heat so I am assuming she doesn't own that many bottles.

    I always want to ask people if they are wearing this or that but I don't anymore because of one woman. She was wearing Coco Madam.....(I can't spell) by Chanel and I asked her about it and all she could tell me was that it was expensive and her granddaughter bought it for her. She didn't even know she was wearing it!! I felt so dumb because I had her hands on my head (haircut) for 15 minutes and I finally narrowed it down but she just didn't even realize she had it on!! What a day. Now I don't ask people anymore...sad...

    PS ~ if the book is "Perfume" pass it over here when you are finished reading it!!


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    I just saw the book in Asia Books store (Bangkok - THAILAND) a few weeks ago and thought it was very interesting. However I didn't buy it. I have bought too many books in the past few years and they are still kept unread. Because of this thread, I will get it within a week or two.
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    Default Re: Talking Scents at Work

    Perfume is a great book. If anyone wants it I'll sell it cheap. I also have Emperor of Scent by Chandler Burr in hardcover if anyone wants it cheap.

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