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    Default Need advice about buying a discontinued scent

    I've noticed that several people in this section have mentioned buying or looking for stock of a fragrance that was discontinued (or even altered/updated). I'm looking for Mediterraneo by Carthusia, which was updated about 3 years ago. I don't care for the update and am looking for any stock of the original, but because the packing looks exactly the same, am not sure how to determine which fragrance (old or new) a seller is offering, especially online. I have never bought fragrance online.

    The original fragrance was a strong (and fabulous) lemon leaf, but the newer one has the lemon with the addition of green tea, which is not my favorite combo (although still very nice if you like the tea addition). Carthusia readily admits that they updated the scent, which is refreshingly honest. Some online sellers seem to comment in their descriptions, about the green tea, which of course means they have stock of the updated scent, but not the original. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to proceed to make sure I'm buying what I hope to?

    Or have too many of you tried to do this same thing before and been burned so many times that you're all laughing hysterically right now at my naivete? And would you not consider purchasing a scent, obviously bottled 3 or more years ago, even if it was properly stored and sealed (unopened) during all this time? In fact, what is the oldest scent you would risk buying? And lastly (I promise), does anyone know if it's possible to have a fragrance copied (and done well), to recreate a scent that is about to be discontinued and break my heart?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Need advice about buying a discontinued scent

    Buying online is pretty safe for the most part,all you can really do is ask the seller questions and if at all possible go to Nieman Marcus,Nordstroms and see if they still have that particular brand so you can sample it,always samples whenever you can its way less expensive that way.Another thing is stick to "POWER SELLERS" if your shopping on ebay,the online discounters like a fragrancenet and many more because they are legit.Good luck...

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    Default Re: Need advice about buying a discontinued scent

    If you still have a bottle / box of the good stuff it might be an idea to see if there is a year / batch code somewhere. These things are usually impossible to decipher but at least you'll have a reference and with a bit of digging you might be able to crack the code so you can ensure you don't order something made after the reformulation.

    Maybe the company can give you this info if you ask nicely?

    Maybe they can even point you in the right direction to buy some . . . no harm asking
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    Default Re: Need advice about buying a discontinued scent

    Guys, it's an 8-year old thread, you think OP hasn't figured everything out somehow?:-)
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