LUCA TURIN – his monthly Zurich column / english text

As most of you will remember, the regular monthly fragrance notes Luca Turin writes for NZZ, an international Zurich newspaper, are written in english and translated into brilliant German by a translator located in Berlin. Luca would publish the original (english) version for the short time that his blog was active. When it closed on December 31, 05 no english language version was available any more. For the first time in April, the NZZ web site offers both the english and german language versions, and as it looks at the moment, this may be constant practice! Here it is:


Naturparfums / (german text version)

So far, I have not been able to find the original english versions for January through March within NZZ. I shall contact NZZ next week to hopefully find out more on the others:

1. January: Mozart in der Flasche / MOZART IN A BOTTLE: This is a comment on how the quint (c-g) in music may be met by corresponding ‚scent vibrations‘. He also talks about the synthetic HEDION and his (new?) favorite floral perfume – Paradox Blue for women - ‚as close to Mozart as you can get without ears‘!
German version:

2. February: Guerlain zum Zweiten / ON GUERLAIN, part two – Mitsouko and the different formulas, poison or harmless? He suggests that the public be better informed by Guerlain and have a choice of riscs.
German version:

3. March: Das letzte Monument / THE LAST MONUMENT – The last great feminine perfume made: ‚Sublime‘ by Jean Patou. This is also discussing masculine/feminine illusions in female scents: «La femme est l'avenir de l'homme.»
German version:

I hope to be able to come back with more soon.