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    Default vdr vs givenchy gentlemen

    did you find in them any similarities ? maybe it's the rose but imho they smell very similar

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    Default Re: vdr vs givenchy gentlemen

    I wore VdR yesterday and I can't think of anything that is similar between them.. :-/


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    Default Re: vdr vs givenchy gentlemen

    Both have lots of patchouli, and yes, GG does have a bit of rose, so they do share two notes. The overall feel, however, is quite different to me. VdR is more of an outdoor or romantic scent (sometimes the same thing), while GG is much more formal, dark suit or black tie.

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    Default Re: vdr vs givenchy gentlemen

    three individuals, three opinions - here is a fourth. With VdR being 'my No1' I cannot consider myself totally impartial, but almost, as I have had GG as a top favorite for years in the past: I think it is the patchouli that makes both similar. But I admit to not even detecting rose in GG now! When I developped my love for that Cologne, I did not care about details and certainly had never heard about a fragrance pyramid! Nowadays a list of fragrances in a scent does not tell me all that much either. I believe the Designers keep important parts of any formula their secret, and only tell us what good noses would detect anyway.

    VdR is not actually shy, but more on the shadowy side of the alley. Quite in contrast, GG walks proudly in the sun towards us, wants to be noticed even in a crowd, and is successful in that, I heard. Indoor/outdoor? It did not occur to me yet, that VdR might be nice worn outdoors, but you may be right, levente. I consider it less formal than GG, certainly, but rather well mannered, thus also suited for formal events. I find the smell so precious that I do not wish to wear it to death soon. So what remains - special events of a romantic nature, or a more formal one. Summary: whenever I want to bring out the extrovert, I shall reach for GG first. Mostly I may not be in the mood for that, and VdR is the better choice. Although I may reach for a third fragrance if I am not certain that my date or party will turn out to be a full success. I want to protect the special relationship with my holy grail!

    Although Monsieur Givenchy seems to be made for summer, I sometimes get an extra kick from a little overdose of Gentleman in the shadows of an outdoor restaurant in June-July. We will yet have to see what VdR does at the time of rose blossoms.
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