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    Default Re: Ultimate Barbershop Scent

    In Spain 50 years ago the way to use parfums by the mens was the Barbershop.

    Barbershp smells shaving soap, hair, tobaco smoke, afther shave lotion with a lot of menthol, the brands where Varon Dandy, Lucky,Floid and Aqua Velva (the yellow one).
    Hair lotions spice bay rhum.
    Fougère notes with lavender, geranium, spices, oakmoos, patchouly, tonka (coumarine) and amber-musc.

    Canoe, Brut, Paco Rabanne pour homme, Drakkar Noir, Cool water, Eternity, Herrera for Men, XS pour Homme and in oriental version Le Male are the evolutions in the classic mens fougere notes, all with a more or less Barberhop memory smell.

    Each country has different roots in the mens parfums history, but in my opinion is the barbershop atmosphere smell + Baby colognes.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Barbershop Scent

    Finally we're talking about Pinaud. I started a thread a couple of weeks ago about that line and no one touched it. I haven't tried Bay Rum but I have tried Citrus Musk and Clubman and like them both. My barber shop carries their products.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Barbershop Scent

    Oh yeah! IMO, the Pinaud line of "longnecks" are THE quintessential tonsorial parlor scents! *:P

    Their Lustray brand is still around, too! My favorites are Lustray Spice, Draggon Noir, and Lustray Menthol -- the latter which is now sadly discontinued. *:-?

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    Default Re: Ultimate Barbershop Scent

    sorry to digress from Dennard's eagerly awaited Pinaud discussion, but I just sniffed Lagerfeld Classic for the first time (on my lunchbreak no less) and, IMO, its everything thing this thread is all about.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Barbershop Scent

    To be honest, I`ve always wondered what is this barbershop-scent thing in the first place. I don`t quite get it, must admit.

    I guess we don`t have this sort of culture at all...Of course I know what is barbershop, but what scents have to do with it??

    Could anyone explain, please??

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    Default Re: Ultimate Barbershop Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by Griff
    It's a mixture of the three "B's":

    Bay rum


    I couldn't agree more. The barber shop that I go to is very old-fashioned. The guys working there are no less than 60 or 70 years old. While I don't think that they sell anything from Pinaud, there are a bunch of other tonics on the shelves. The smell of a barbershop is not just hair; I've been to places with the hair-only scent and it is entirely unpleasant (basic training...).

    But, like someone else mentioned, I wouldn't want to smell like a barber shop. I take a shower as soon as I get home from there.
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