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    Default GUCCI eau de parfum  - for men?

    'GUCCI EAU DE PARFUM' is all what the red/brown box says. It' s being offered as 'new' and 'for men'.
    The directory does not seem to have one for men. But a Gucci EDP / women exists. Does anyone know how that would go with suit and tie, or Denim & short sleeves? I normally like Gucci and as it is an EDP I am tempted to buy it blind. But I wouldn't wear it, if it was girly or overly floral and rather sweet. I insist asking this in the male FD, because I would appreciate a male opinion on it. Is it wearable at all?

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    Default Re: GUCCI eau de parfum  - for men?

    [blue]I am pretty sure this is the women's packaging and not a new men's version despite advertizing claims to the contrary.


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    Default Re: GUCCI eau de parfum *- for men?

    It looks like a repackaging of the womens EDP. But (here we go again!) depending on how adventurous you are with fragrances, in my opinion, could be worn by a man. It is a sort of sweet, vanilla caramel gourmand kind of scent. I have it and have worn it, applied sparingly. Hope that helps...

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    Default Re: GUCCI eau de parfum *- for men?

    Unfortunately the last two Gucci fragrances didn't fare too well. There is a coture fragrance store that i visit....I once asked the lady if they sold many Gucci Pour Homme frags....she said a woman...
    I bought my wife the my nose it can be worn in a "male vein".....very incensie.....burnt sort
    of alienation...
    Note: it is somewhat of a feminine frag though!!!!

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    Default Re: GUCCI eau de parfum  - for men?

    Ive been wearing this recently seems to get minty and at the same time dirty on my it dries down it gets sweeter...this might be a keeper any other men try this stuff?
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    Default Re: GUCCI eau de parfum  - for men?

    I nearly bought this when a giftset showed up at TJ Maxx. I don't really think a man would have a problem pulling this one off.

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    Default Re: GUCCI eau de parfum  - for men?

    I always thought this fragrance had a very masculine edge to it. You shouldn't have any issues wearing it.

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