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    Default Ferre Eau de Cologne Bergamoto Marino

    Love it love it love it
    but to me it s almost identical to Carolina Herrera for women
    anyway I love it
    and it lasts forever

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    Default Re: Ferre Eau de Cologne Bergamoto Marino

    I have a sample of it here, I like it, it's very particular, it smells kind of "leathery", but not that kind of "dirty" leather you would think. I can also detect melon in it.
    It's an odd scent but it's EXTREMELY pleasant. Very "seaside-walking". I haven't wore it that much yet, only aprayed a little bit on my wrist and was very comfortable with it.
    I can't find it on Basenotes and other informations about it, that made me think I was the only alien in this world who has a sample of it. ;D LOL
    I am not so crazy about Ferre' fragrances I don't think they are good fragrance maker. That's why I won't be using this one, although I like it very much. There's is also a "to trust or not to trust" factor in it. : When I smell a nice scent from a not so nice house, I am always afraid of the drydown, because experiences counts!

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