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    I was thinking it would be fun to list frags that suit a personality.3 frags per person at least would be good.Ill use diffrent actors ,fictive carachters etc for comparison.

    Gothic gentleman

    Johnny Depp , Count Dracula

    Person who can wear nailpolish and eye liner whit out dangering his masculinity.Might cry when sees i dead animal , but anybody who makes fun of him gets baffled by 20minute long lecture about karma.When goes on a date , likes to take his women on a horse carriage ride trough forest in autum.And they arrive in a old grave yard where they eat picnic and enjoy fine wines in a abandoned crypt.

    Modern goth

    Constantine(Keanu Reeves) , Batman(Christian Bale)

    Really doesnt care what people think if wears nail polish , and will probably punch thre lights out if nessesary.Only reason if wisiting a grave yard is to count all the people who he has wasted.Picture him standing over a grave stone whit ciggaret in mouth and wine bottle in other.After taking a zip you can hear him mumbling the words"better you than me"

    Mister agro

    Arnold Swarchenegger , Hulk

    Starts the day whit grounded kidneys and protein shake.Drives a big ass hummer whit a bigger ego.If is forced to pay a tip when parking it , will crush the hand while giving money.Plays baseball whit grenades.And knows what women like"ewerything BIG!!"

    IQ of 180 and ower

    Alber Einstein , Stephen Hawking

    In there world , the word fun means solving quantum theories in a room...alone.Microvave food , note pads , 1000 thoughts in a minute.Dates are consisted of computer screen and a web cam.

    Rock star

    Tommy Lee , Gene Simmons

    Cocky as hell.Goes to super market whit a stretched limo , whit 10 playboy bunnys.Has a swimming pool filled whit crystal.Owns 7 lamborghinis.Buys 10kilos of coke to his fiance and uses it on one day.Hasnt worked ewer and newer will.

    Rock star not by choise

    Bruce Springsteen, Bono

    He knows that he is popular but has hes feet on the ground.Relaxes by barbeque:in whit his friends and maybe going in a small intimate bar.Nows that he has money and spends a lot on charity.Good humour and heart.Buys his wife flowers and rubs her feet.Might seem little shy , but on stage hes the Boss.

    Bad guys that you know you shouldnt like..but...

    Mr. Blonde(Micheal Madsen,Reservoir dogs) ,Mickey Knox(Woody Harrelson ,Natural Born Killers)

    The kinda people who ewery guy wants to be in some point in there lives.Just kicking ass and taking names.Whit out any apologies.And allways a good joke before blasting some one away.Ruthless gool.

    Cool daddy

    Elvis , Mike Ness(Social Distortion)

    Drives around whit big caddys and hot tails.Still believes that women are suckers for guys whit guitar.Is wery romantic but not too much.Know when its time to kick in the "Man" mode.Is at home when shooting craps and playing in smokey bars.


    Jim Carrey , Conan OŽBrien

    Hardly ewer takes nothing seriously(includin him self).Allways has a good comback.There really isnt a party before they arrive.Girls like them , but that seems to be that.Newer nothing too serious.

    Mister Harvard roving team captain

    Toby Mcguire , Ewerybody at Dawsons Greek

    Allways polite.Says thanks ewerytime.Speaks fluently 4 diffrent languages.Kisses only at 5 date , and ewen then whit permission.Has ewerything in his room organized.Is the captain of the chess club.Will work at fathers law firm.Doesnt drink , smoke , curse.Just squeaky clean.

    Perfect gentleman

    Sean Connery , George Clooney

    Just a getleman.Opens the door ewerytime.Pays the check.Has a nice 1960 car and a big bank account.Can take his women to Paris on a date , and enjoys lunch at the eifel tower.Oozes coolnes and comfort.Women of ewery ages fall on there knees.Knows how to comfort you when your feeling down.A real man.

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    Default Re: Personality

    Mister agro would be wearing Antaeus.
    Mr Brainy won't be wearing anything.... Or maybe he would wear Eau Sauvage to keep him awake overnight as he works out how to double the energy produced in fusion of deuterium and tritium(someone take it away from him pls, we don't want a hydrogen bomb double the power, do we?). ;D
    The perfect gentleman will be wearing Chanel pour Monsieur or Monsieur de Givenchy

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    Default Re: Personality

    Gothic gentleman - Chanel Antaeus, DK Men
    Modern Goth - Bvlgari Black
    Mister Agro - Brut, Jovan Musk
    IQ of 180 and over - CK One
    Rock Star - JPG Le Male
    Rock Star not by choice - Creed GIT
    Bad Ass - D&G Pour Homme
    Cool Daddy - D&G By Man
    Joker - Kenneth Cole Reaction
    Mr. Harvard Preppy - Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce
    Perfect Gentleman - Chanel Pour Monsieur, Chanel Platinum Egoiste, Creed BDP

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    Default Re: Personality


    Sorry about this, but it would be intresting to read more of these.

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    Default Re: Personality

    Gothic Gentleman: Mechant Loup
    Modern Goth: Azzaro Visit
    Agro: Kouros
    Genius: I wear Burberry Brit, thanks
    Rock Star: Unforgivable
    Springsteen: Drakkar Noir
    Bono: Safari
    Bad Guy: CdG Garage
    Cool Guy: Knize Ten
    Joker: A*Men
    Harvard: Polo Blue
    Gentleman: GIT, although we all know that Sean wears Jicky.

    I started a thread a while back on a similar topic, but I can't find it. Oh well.
    Nihil Obstat Ben

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    Default Re: Personality

    Well, if I use couple of these examples you have given, then...

    Gothic Gentleman : Ungaro III (obvious)
    IQ of 180< : Something very very quiet and timeless, like Eau de Guerlain
    Modern Goth : Voleur de Roses
    Rock Star : Anything that says "I am so ridicilous".
    Joker : Iquitos (this is even more obvious than Ungaro)
    Perfect Gentleman : Something very timeless, something fresh and soothing...Eau Savage will do, for instance.

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