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    Default Opium parfum or other

    Just out of curiosity. Has any of you guys ever worn Opium parfum? I have never sampled the original parfum, although I love the EDP pour Homme. I've read review postings for Opium (the extrait) where people mention it to being on the masculine side. I know it's marketed towards women, but it seems to be that Opium parfum is something of a masterpiece. There's no gender boundaries on fine wine, art or cuisine; so why should it be with fragrances? There are fragrances that are obviously for woman, but some of them such as Nu, Kingdom and Black Cashmere, are being worn by guys. I've never sampled any of these, either.
    I've never read mention of Opium and was wondering if anyone dared to try it.

    I myself had just recently gotten a bottle of Padparadscha: an EDP marketed exclusively as a women's fragrance. To me, it seems to work very well as a nice men's cologne!

    I'm not going to buy Opium parfum (too expensive!), I'm just wondering if anyone have dared to wear it. If you have, what's your experience? In fact, tell your thoughts on ANY "parfum" or women's frag (any version) that you've worn...or wear now.

    I knew a woman that loved wearing Preferred Stock! .....and it worked for her... although chemistry can play a roll.

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    Default Re: Opium parfum or other

    I enjoy sniffing OPIUM Pure Parfum, i remember sniffing my mother's OPUIM & I added the bottle to my collection after she run out of the precious nectar.

    I own Nu, Kingdom and Black Cashmere & i guess opium would be great for the cold nights or for ur own pleasure.

    the good thing about the pure parfum that you don't get the alcholic effect in the edt or edp, u can enjoy the real mystrious, fruity, oreintal ,rich aroma ... pamper ur self & have it ....i mean using the cap & applying the precious nectar by drops instead of spray, is a great ritual by itself

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    Default Re: Opium parfum or other

    I can boldly wear Nu and Black Cashmere in public but Opium is very tricky. Subtle amounts on the person is recommended. But even as a young kid, I always thought there was an unmistakable masculinity about it, and puzzled at how at all it could be a feminine scent.

    I think it's perfectly wearable by a man in subtle quantities as I've mentioned as it packs a lot of sillage, but what makes it a bit tricky is the rose and ylang-ylang in my opinion, which can be effusive, and the base not dirty enough to make it a neutral scent. The parfum version might be the way to go, I suppose, because the base of the scent is more concentrated in that version, well at least remembering what I used to own well over a decade ago. Now I own the EdT, and I think this version is a bit too 'pretty' to be worn in public. I do get a bit of connection between it and Musc Ravageur if that is any help in wearing it.

    If you want something heady, spicy, floral and ambiguous, try Youth Dew Amber Nude, I wear it proudly in public, 2 sprays should do it, and is neutral enough for either sex to wear, IMHO. Booze like opening that's like cognac or spiced rum, then rose (similar to Egoiste) and tea notes stay around for a while, then the spicy attributes of the classic Youth Dew with a touch of transparent chocolate and vetiver, then the sweet, ambery-musky base that lasts forever, but not in a cloying way, but more like warm skin. A Tom Ford triumph in bringing Youth Dew into the contemporary, not just for a woman, but definitely also for the man-in-the-know you might say. I think YDAN is the ultimate seduction scent...a combination of booze, flowers, chocolate, and SEX!

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

    "Press trigger twice to release the strength of wood...the wantonness of vanilla...the sentiment of floral...the passion of spice!"

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    Default Re: Opium parfum or other

    Never tried the Parfum but spritzed some Eau de Parfum the other day and it is still a lovely and distinctive 'time capsule' oriental. You can try NU, also by YSL and on the same butchy-oriental lines. I prefer Opium though.

    I do agree about the gender thing. One one hand, scents are gender-coded, as a cultural convention. On the other they are much more playable than apparel.

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    Default Re: Opium parfum or other

    Thanks for the replies. Very interesting! I always thought if you love a fragrance, no matter what is, GET IT! and enjoy it! It's all about the experience and appreciation....just like enjoying art, music, etc.

    I don't feel a bit self concious about wearing Padparadscha in public, but for today, I'm wearing something I had'nt worn in many moons: Realm!

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