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    Default Internet buying?

    I'm fairly new to the Basenotes site, so you've probably discussed the quality places on the Internet to purchase fragrances in the past. But I was hoping I could ask for some more input.

    I'd like people to recommend some sites that sell fragrances. From my limited experience, it seems like there aren't many sites that sell both niche fragrances and mass market stuff. So maybe people could recommend a site for each. Although I'm interested in getting fragrances cheaply, I'm more interested in getting fragrances that are in good condition (both would be nice).

    This is my second post. The first time around, I had some questions about Creed frags that I'd tried. A number of people were kind enough to give me some feedback and make some recommendations for different houses. I took some of that advice and found some things I really liked, so thanks, I appreciate it.
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    Default Re: Internet buying?

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    Default Re: Internet buying?

    check out the sell and swap forum on this site. Even though I've not used it yet I hear its great for all types of scents niche and otherwise. I believe Marlin has also left a thread about places on the net to purchase and has reviewed those sites.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: Internet buying?

    For creed fragrances, try ; they have a pretty good collection at the lowest prices.

    Excellent products, and great service !

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    Default Re: Internet buying?

    I agree with the beared guy -- ZZ, is great.
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    Default Re: Internet buying? is great for niche scents

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