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    Default Creed situation...need advice

    I have never owned a Creed or even tested one. I don't know what shops around me carry them and the Basenotes board about shops doesn't include Denver. So that's my first question: if anyone knows, what are good shops in Denver that carry higher end scents?

    Secondly, I would like to sample a Creed and am about to purchase a sample. I don't want to go wild and buy a sample of every Creed, so I would like to know which Creed scent best represents the brand as a whole? If you smell this one, you will have a good idea of whether of not you are a fan. Everyone talks about special "Creed notes" that make all of their scents distinct from others. What best demonstrates these? I think you get the idea...

    Anyway, comment away!
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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    You can get Creed samples from *and then decide for yourself.

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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    As for the representative Creed scent .. well, I became a fan of Creed after sampling the phenomenal combo of Baie de Genievre and Bois Du Portugal .. after that, I knew I had to try the entire Creed line, and I have managed to find many other Creed fragrances to my liking

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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    Neiman Marcus is selling Creeds in Denver...

    Cherry Creek Mall
    Denver , CO 80206

    Store Hours:
    M-F 10-9; Sat 10-6;
    Sun 12-6

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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    Hmmm, I think there's two faces of Creed, the classics and the contemporary.

    I'd say VT and BdP as the classics, and SMW and MI the contemporary, and Himalaya and GIT as the inbetweens.

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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with most of your wardrobe so I'm basing my recommendations on your age and the popularity of the following scents:

    MI, SMW, Himalaya to start.

    Not GIT - I like GIT but I think it is a love or hate juice. We wouldn't want you condemning the House based on your first experience.

    Himalaya (spicy & fruity) is a bit short-lived but beautiful nonetheless.

    MI and SMW are well liked here on BN. Either of these would be good now that we are getting into warmer weather.

    If I had to recommend just one, I'd go with SMW *

    Happy sniff'n!

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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    Buffalo_gals sells decants/samples of Creeds. *She is great and can be trusted. *She also has her own EBAY store. *I believe her store is Dragon Fly Scent Me. *Highly recommend!!!

    Very good idea to test first as some of the Creed lines do not last long on me. MI, GIT and SMW. Could very well be my own skin, but lovely frags though. I hear BDP has outstanding longevity.
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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    I am in Boulder and I have not seen a Creed counter out here yet. I've also not found a Neiman Marcus. Live Jazz, if you find one you will surely find a Creed counter. You just have to keep going back and testing two at a time on your skin. I think you get a better feel on your skin because the chemistry of the frag changes. I go to the Flatirons and there is nothing special there at all. No Creeds and all generic stuff otherwise. There are so many that I like but Creed is not everyones cup of tea. Find a counter and smell as many as you can.

    Ones to try:
    Original Vetiver
    Original Santal
    Bois du Portugal
    Green Irish Tweed
    Neroli Sauvage
    Acier Aluminum
    Silver Mountain Water
    Millesome Imperial
    Vintage Tabarome
    Tabarome Millesome

    Those are the most popular for men IMO. I see them talked about more than others. I might have left some out but you should deffinately look at those. As for one that represents Creed I might pick GIT because it is their number one smell. Everyone knows about it and so many people wear it. Good luck on your hung and let me know where you find a counter because there is nothing near me in Boulder as far as I know. Good luck!


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    Default Re: Creed situation...need advice

    I'm not sure I could point to one Creed fragrance and say that one exemplifies the house. There's too much range there. I think what people mean when they refer to the "house notes" in Creed is the amber-musk base, which to me smells like it also has some vanilla or tonka in it, a mix of things. There are plenty of threads to read that talk about this base, and some with some pretty good arguments too!

    To my nose on my skin it smells warm, creamy, smooth, and is usually colored by the rest of the scent, so that SMW's base is similar to, but not the same as, Tabarome Millesime's base or GIT's base and so on. I'd also agree with the post regarding classic versus modern. I think the classics have a less standardized base, while the more modern Creed scents seem to share this base.

    Some good modern ones to start with: SMW, Himalaya, Tabarome Millesime, Original Vetiver, Original Santal
    Some good classics: BdP, GIT, Vetiver (1948), Royal English Leather, Vintage Tabarome

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